The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World

The Walking Dead

by Robert Kirkman

Pages: 136
Genre: Graphic Novel, Horror
Published: June 6, 2012

Purchase: Amazon | Powell’s

4/5 stars

While there are significant developments with Jesus, the Hilltop, and Negan and the Saviors, this volume was still pretty slow. If I didn’t already know Jesus was cool, I probably would have had the same trust issues as Rick did. I’m fearing what comes next when they encounter the Saviors and Negan.

I still have a problem with Rick though. He’s supposed to be who we are rooting for as a leader but when he ends this volume talking about how damn special he is and that’s why he’s had to be their leader, it makes me roll my eyes. I want to believe his visions for the future but he needs to get down off his high horse. Sometimes I just want Rick to shut up.

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