Open Hearts


Cecille and Joachim just got engaged. They are young and in love. She drops him off at work and he’s getting out of the car when he’s hit by another car driven by Marie. Marie is a mother of three and was arguing with her teenage daughter when she hit Joachim. Marie’s husband runs to the hospital to make sure his wife is alright but she wants to know if Joachim will be alright and his poor girlfriend who witnessed the accident. Niels, Marie’s husband who is a doctor, goes to check on Joachim and Cecille.


Eventually, Niels and Cecille start having an affair because that’s what you do in these cases. You actually feel for all the characters and go back and forth thinking that maybe Niels and Cecille should be with one another, but then Niels has a family and his wife. Then Joachim is recovering from an awful accident, but he’s also being completely rude during the whole thing. I really liked the movie that made you care about all the characters and you weren’t sure which way you wanted it to end, even when it did.

Grade: A-

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