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Amazing Race: Season 28 Episode 04

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Amy hates when teams flirt with each other on The Amazing Race. She wants people to concentrate on racing. Sometimes I find it amusing, but most of the time I agree with her. Brodie had a crush on Blair and everyone was talking about it, so they were finally able to spend some time together at the airport and when the teams were spending the night in some kind of cave when they arrived in Switzerland in the middle of the night. Tyler and Korey started to call them #blodie, which I found hilarious since it was about as ridiculous as them.

As the episode began, Amy and I were still trying to figure out all the teams. Amy said, “I forget what is the difference between the two teams that are both two girls.” I said, “The blue ones are Instagram models and the other ones sell shit on YouTube or talk about random brands or something.” Amy asked, “That’s a thing?”

When the teams were at the airport waiting for their flights, they were getting mobbed by fans. Amy said, “How is it everyone else knows these people?” I said, “The kids don’t watch television, but watch whatever is on Vine, Instagram, and YouTube.” Amy said, “I’m too old.”

We also noticed that the other teams started to refer to the father/daughter team as Blair & Daddy since she loved to screech “Daddy!” at least once a leg. No one ever called him by his name, which I think is Scott. It seems he responds to Daddy from anyone.


Teams were sent to Switzerland and had to go find a giant water spout for their first clue. Amy asked, “Why a giant water spout? It should be a giant spout of Toblerone.”

No Disassemble

After spending the night in the sleeping party cave, team members went to a chocolate shop where they were given the saddest box that contained no chocolate. It was a detour clue. One choice was to assemble a Swiss Army knife. The Vine team and Tyler and Korey decided to go with that task. The models also wanted to do it, but they got lost on the way to trying to find it and when they were following the mother/son team, they followed them to the other detour choice.


When the Vine team started to put together the knife, they realized there were way more parts than they expected. At one point, the guy said they were going to skip a step and come back to it. That made the judge guy very nervous. I said there was no way they would be selling these knives in the store when they were done with them. Tyler & Korey and Blair & Daddy joined the detour. The Vine team finished first, but the nervous judge told them it was  missing a blade. They would have to take out all the parts that they put in after that step to redo it. This gave Tyler & Korey a chance to finish before them. Teams were able to keep their knives, which made me relieved that they wouldn’t be selling it to other people. The Vine team corrected their mistake and finished up next with Blair & Daddy done soon after.

Counting Butts

The detour choice that many of the teams in front picked had to do with figuring out how many people could sit on a super long bench. It said they had to figure out how many butts or bottoms. I said, “I would laugh at the mention of butts because I am 12.” Amy said, “Me too.”


There were people sitting on the bench when they were all sitting down trying to figure out how many people to sit on it. There were two chess guys that were annoyed every time they had to move for another team sliding down the bench. We were wondering if it was in the rules that teams had to sit on the bench to count since there were so many easy ways to figure out how to count without asking those people to move. We also hoped the show gave those guys some compensation or had asked them to sit there as an obstacle because we would have felt horrible otherwise with the show making Americans do obnoxious things in their country while they are trying to relax.

When all the teams were doing this task at the same time, they would randomly check with another team that was sitting right next to them what number they were on. No team was close to another team’s number. This task seemed more difficult than it looked. Brodie & Kurt got the right number on their first try and told the yellow team, dance team and maroon girls the right answer. This made Amy angry since she hates it when teams help each other. The dance team and maroon girls had just given the wrong answer, so they had to sit on the bench again before they could give the right number to the judge. The yellow team was about to give their second guess when Brodie & Kurt told them the right answer, so they were able to give it and finish the task at the same time.

The mother/son and model teams were not nearby when the other teams finished so they missed hearing the answer. The mother/son team got the correct answer on their first try. The models did not get it on their first two tries. The number they guessed was really high. I said, “Their butts are too tiny, you can fit more of them on the bench.” Amy said, “#tinybuttproblems.”

Mystery Flags

The next task was a road block. All the bench teams arrived to it at the same time except the models that were still counting their tiny butts on benches. Teams had to find the corresponding flags that were in a postcard-size book of flags and tear out the 10 that were highlighted on a map at the United Nations. The flags were behind them, but the teams realized the flag poles themselves were not labeled. I kept wondering out loud why they weren’t using the map that was right in front of them that was telling them the name of the country they were looking for and also were it was located behind them. The teams were all wandering around asking, “Is there a key somewhere?”

Once they started to figure that out, a few different teams started working together because it did involve a lot of running back and forth. Korey was working with Matt (from the dance team) and Burnie (yellow team), Cole (mother/son) and Kurt were working together. The Swiss Army knife teams started to show up. Rachel (Vine team) noticed the other teams were working together so she had to figure it out on her own, which she did pretty quickly. Blair & Erin (maroon team) showed up and started working together. At one point, Rachel asked if they wanted to compare notes, and they were doing that when the models finally showed up.


Brittany immediately started asking everyone how to do the road block. Everyone knew she was the last team so no one was helping. She was upset that no one was helping her, even though at one point people did tell her how they were figuring it out but she wanted to just be told the answer. I said, “They know you are the last place team so why would they help you?” Amy said, “You can’t just make them do stuff for you. I mean, they are showing her how to do it, so she just needs to do it.” Steve said, “They have never seen the Amazing Race before.” Rachel didn’t have any teams helping her when she showed up. She didn’t whine about it and started figuring it out on her own. If only the model could have that attitude.

Train Ride

The next clue sent teams on a train ride to another town to find Phil at the pit stop. I asked, “Do you think this will be a non-elimination leg or continuation leg? I find it so weird to do a pit stop right after a train ride.” It ended up being even worse than I thought since the teams were really bunched up on one train. At first, the teams were on two different trains, but they had a layover at one station so the second train caught up to the first one.

Before that happened though, the train that had all the last place teams with the exception of the models were hoping the train would take off soon before the models showed up. They saw the models pull up on another train and they had to run underneath the tracks in a tunnel to get to the train that the rest of the teams were on. The train was going to leave in a minute. They were hoping the train would take off when they got there. The models pointed to the train that they knew they had to get on, so did they hustle to the other train? No. I said, “Why are they not even running to the train?” Then they seemed shocked when the train took off by the time they reached it.

That second train caught up with the first one at the layover. I said, “Now they are all going be on the same train except the models.” Amy said, “It’s the train of drama!”

Dumb Pit Stop

This was a weird pit stop since nine teams showed up at the pit stop at the same time. I still don’t know why this was after a train ride, especially one that had layovers and so many chances for teams to bunch up together. Brodie & Kurt were the first place team and won $3,000 each. The models came in last place and were eliminated. Amy said, “Well, at least now I will stop confusing the girl teams.”

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