Amazing Race: No Sense of Urgency


Amazing Race: Season 28 Episode 03

Bros Being Jocks

In the prior episode, the brothers slowly wandered around the airport which led to them getting on the latest possible flight to the destination, had a hard time finding the detour clue, and only avoided elimination because of the mistake of another team. They said they learned their lesson, but then this leg, they didn’t change anything. There was no flight to catch since teams stayed in Cartagena, but the brothers were racing from last place with no sense of urgency. They were never hustling to finish tasks quickly or trying to get to the next clue so they could see other teams. They did eventually see other teams at the road block, but they still treated the task as if they were not going to be eliminated if they came in last place. Did they not realize they were in a race? Is this what home schooling does to people?

Confusing Layout

Teams stayed in Cartagena for the episode. They had to find one clue inside the Old City that told them to head to some catacombs to find their next clue. It seemed to take teams a while to find the first clue in the Old City where they started. Being there recently, the Old City is not very big, but it is confusing. A lot of street names only last for a block before they change. Cartagena is also in the process of changing a lot of street names, so available maps might not be updated. There is a reason why the teams in this episode were so lost. I had to walk around without a map for about 30 minutes before I had my bearings on where things were located in that city.

There was also quite a few teams commenting on the heat. It was hot and humid while we were there, and we are guessing that the race was filmed in the city either right before or after we were there. It would have been so fun to see it filming! The heat was crazy though and slowed me way down while walking around the city. I could not imagine running in it, especially with a backpack. Still, we could not believe that the daughter was willing to let her old dad carry her backpack when he offered. You are young and physically able! Do it yourself!



When teams showed up to the catacombs, they had to run in to find the clue box and then run right back out. It was only exciting for the few teams that had someone on the team that was claustrophobic. The maroon girl team had one girl almost start hyperventilating as they were moving through the catacomb to find the clue. Steve said, “She’s freaking out. She’s going to have what is medically known as a shit fit.” When she was on the verge, they found the clue box since it did not seem that far into the catacomb at all. Then they were able to leave without doing any task in there. It was very anti-climatic.


Exploding Rocks


The clue in the catacomb was for a detour. The choice that the teams in the front of the pack picked was a game that was a bit like corn hole where they had to underhand throw a rock that had some explosive powder in it that made a loud noise when it came in contact with the target. Teams had to hit the target three times and they kept switching back and forth until they finally hit it three times. It seemed very quick and easy. It looked like it would be cool to do, but wasn’t overly exciting to watch on the race.


The only excitement came from the models showed up since there was suddenly a lot more spectators than when it was mostly guy teams doing the detour. We also were able to laugh at the random dude in the Yolanda Wong shirt. I looked it up and she’s running for political office, but that shirt only says her name so we were laughing at the randomness of it in the background of the show.


This detour was so much quicker than the other one since quite a few teams that were in the middle of the pack picked the other detour and were still working on it while the teams at the back of the pack (models, mother/son, brothers) all showed up and finished before the other teams were done with the other detour.

Bus Begging

The other detour that three teams in the middle of the pack picked was jumping on a city bus and encouraging locals to get on and collect the bus fare (1,800 pesos) until they had 20,000 pesos. I informed Amy that the currency there was confusing since they would cut off the three zeros at the end of most of the paper money. It also said MIL on most of it and it took me a while to get the hang of it. I felt bad for the teams that had to make sense of it. It also seemed like the task would take longer than the exploding rock one. I was baffled why anyone would choose the bus detour, but quite a few teams did!

Teams learned that the buses went down very narrow roads in neighborhoods so they had to duck from trees while trying to get people on board. Also, the daughter in the father/daughter team really got into selling herself to get people on the bus. She was yelling and promising kisses to people who got on the bus. She would blow kisses to the people. At the end of it, the dad said something about her getting all the money from the kiss blowing. Amy said, “You want to reinforce the money for affection behavior?”


The Vine Guy team were recognized by people so a few would jump on the bus, pay the fare, pose for photos with him and then jump off. Amy said, “That guy is more hip than us since he knows these people from the tubes.” I said, “We are so not in the know.”

The maroon girl team and father/daughter finished the bus detour around the same time. Shortly after them, the Vine Guy team did too, or so they thought. Due to the confusing money, Rachel thought they had enough money so they got off the bus and were in a cab back to deliver the money to the bus supervisor. Once they showed up, they had to tell them they did not have enough and get on another bus to get the rest. That really put them behind and we were sure they were out of the race at this point since all the other teams were done with both detours.

Colorful Bags

The road block brought teams back to the Old City where they had to pick out one of the very colorful bags by one particular designer and then find two bags by that same designer from the street vendors. One thing we noticed is that no one was hassling anyone to buy anything while they ran around the Old City. The vendors pounce on tourists constantly there, so the show had to clear them all out to film this segment.


Most teams finished the road block in the order they arrived to it, even though it did seem like there was quite a bit of running around trying to find all the vendors that could potentially have the bags the person was looking to match. It wasn’t until the teams in the back of the pack arrived at the road block that things became interesting. The models and son/mom teams showed up around the same time. Since that one model was obsessed with Cole, she offered to work together to find the bags. She found her bags pretty quickly and was running around with him, even though it didn’t seem like he necessarily needed or wanted her help. He finally told her to go since she was done and as soon as she left, he found his last bag.

The brothers showed up around the same time as the maroon girls so there was the proof that the bus detour was slower because the maroon girls did the bus detour and they left the pit stop in fifth place yet showed up at the road block at the same time as the last place brothers that had done the exploding rock detour. Both teams were looking for the clue, yet once again, the brothers were completely missing it. That gave the maroon girls a slight advantage as Erin started working on it. When the brothers did find it, Darius took off the find the bags. He actually did the road block pretty quickly and could have been done before the maroon girls, old dad/daughter and the Vine Guy team, but he couldn’t figure out where to go once he had all the bags. Instead of returning to the starting point like almost all tasks on the race are set up, he was looking for the designer of the bag. He wasn’t looking at his clue again or he was overthinking it. He even went back to where the road block started and wondered out loud what to do in front of his brother and other people not doing the road block while they all stood right next to the lady that had all the clues sitting right next to her. Of course, his brother couldn’t give any hints since he wasn’t doing the task. He just had to watch his brother not get it.


Meanwhile, the old dad/daughter showed up. The father tried to work with Erin, but she wasn’t having it. You could tell she thought he was slowing her down so at one point she yelled she had to go and took off running. He was annoyed, but people can’t expect others to help them in a road block. Then later, she was annoyed when she wanted the map that he was holding and he called her out for ditching him. Silly people. The Vine Guy team finally showed up so it was a race for last place at this point. The maroon girls and old dad/daughter team finished the road block around the same time. The Vine Guy Zach finished up the road block before the brothers because Darius was still trying to figure out where to turn in the bags.

Pit Stop

For the pit stop, teams had to make their way on foot up along the wall to find Phil. There are a few different spots in the Old City where you can walk right up the wall and then walk along it. Frisbee Bros had left the pit stop behind Tyler & Korey, but had managed to pass them in a cab ride to the detour, stayed in first place the rest of the race and won a trip to Greece. Tyler & Korey were right behind them in second place. Korey commented that when he did the road block, they came in first place, but when Tyler did it, they came in second place. The gamers came in third place, the dancers in fourth, the models in fifth and mom/son in sixth place.

When the maroon girls checked into the pit stop in seventh place, Erin was crying in relief for not being eliminated, but it was confusing since she knew they weren’t in last place. She had left the road block moments before with three teams still there. Phil looked confused too. The old dad/daughter team came in eighth place. The Vine Guy team was so excited to still be in the race and not in last place after their detour mishap because the brothers couldn’t figure out how to finish the road block, they freaked out about where the pit stop was located. The clue said it was up along the city wall. They were running towards the middle of the city. They found some shiny pants guy that did some kind of interpretive dance to tell them where to go so they finally checked in with Phil in ninth place.

That left the brothers to come in last place. When Phil told them they were in last place, he said something about them working hard on the race. Amy said, “Were they, Phil? They seemed to barely be racing.” They were eliminated. Now they can go continue to chill somewhere and be nowhere close to competing against others.


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