So Many Helper Dogs


Argentina seems filled with stray dogs everywhere. They ran next to the teams while they were doing a variety of tasks. This one dog was limping himself and came up to limp in front of the Texas guy that had hurt his hamstring. I said the dog identified with the bum leg. Amy said that the dog was thinking, “This is what you look like and your friend smells like meat.”

Last Team Picks

When we decided what teams we were going to pick as the one to go home at the end of the leg, I was wondering if I was going to pick the Paparazzi team since they are annoying in person and with their job choices or if I was going to pick the Texas team since I did not enjoy their irrational hatred of the Green Team. I said, “I feel like we get annoyed easily and we don’t hate the Green Team that much.” Amy said, “It is kind of weird how much they don’t like them.” I also remembered that one of the Texas team guys injured his hamstring last leg so I went with them. Steve also picked Texas to go. We both forgot that they had an Express Pass. Amy picked the Track Star team to be last.

Green Team Hatred

As the episode started, Tanner (Mr. Injured Hamstring) talked about God having a plan for them. Amy said, “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” I said, “God has a plan! To quit being an asshole!” Amy said, “God’s plan is to smite you.” Justin from the Green Team talked about how they were the most prepared team there. He said he had watched each season about three times. Amy said, “Well, I’m glad he studied because sometimes I’m thinking, ‘Do you even know what race you are on?'” The Southern team were already bickering with each other and the mother made a comment about it being the first time they spent a lot of time together. When she complained that her son was always telling her to be quiet, Amy said, “I think he’s not the only one who tells you to shut up.”

Teams learned they were going to the small town of San Antonio de Areco, Argentina and had to take a bus there. While other teams took a cab to a nearby bus station, the Green Team got on a local bus that took them to a different bus station. While they were being slow on a local bus making many stops, the Texas team and Reporters were on the first actual bus headed to the small town. Chac Attack, Southern team, Track Stars, Cheerleaders and Paparazzi were on a second bus while the Dancers were on a bus all by themselves. The Green Team were eventually dropped off at a different bus station and boarded the first bus that had Texas and Reporters on it. They were bummed since they had such a lead, but they did waste a lot of time on the local bus and might have been on an earlier bus if they hadn’t done that. Texas looked bummed just to see them again. Before the Green Team got on the bus, Texas was talking to the Reporters and saying if any other team U-Turns the Green Team, the Texas team will give them their Express Pass once they have used it.


When they got off the bus, they had to get into the back of a beat-up pickup truck to be driven to the next task. The Green Team got into a truck first so they were in front which annoyed the Texas team to no end. I said, “They are in front of you to spite you!”


When the second bus arrived with most of the other teams, the Cheerleaders seemed to have some issues with getting into the truck. One of them fell, made a really weird noise, and looked genuinely scared. Steve laughed at her noises and said, “What’s wrong with her?” Amy said, “She is like a tiny turtle stuck on her shell.” I wondered how far behind the dancers were from the other teams since they weren’t even shown as being on a bus yet. Amy said they were about a day behind everyone else. It sure seemed like it! I thought they got to the mat right after the Track Stars in the last leg, but maybe not.


When the Dancers were finally in the truck, one of the brothers was very worried about falling out of the truck. He told his brother to hold on and the other one said, “Shut up. You sound like mom right now.”

Hunks of Meat

The trucks dropped teams off with a bunch of gauchos surrounding a fire pit. It was a road block where one team member had to accurately hang up a bunch of meat around the fire in order to be smoked. It was a detailed-oriented task where they had to figure out from the demo that the bones needed to be facing out, the correct side was up and it was skewered properly. As one team member was playing with the meat, the other team member got to pet some helper dogs. Amy and I agreed we would like that task.


The first three teams did not finish before the rest of the teams (minus the dancers) arrived. A few had been told they had done it wrong, but Texas finally finished first right after all the other teams were getting started.  I was starting to find Justin as annoying as some other teams since he was continuously talking like Amy mentioned last week. He was also trying to be cute with the judges and it was obvious they didn’t care so he should have stopped, but didn’t. Justin was told over and over again that he wasn’t getting it right. Amy said, “He is kind of cocky. You think he’d have learned his lesson.” I said “All of Justin’s research has not helped him.”

The Reporters finished in second place and Justin realized that he was last of all the teams that had arrived at the same time so he was going to start over and pay more attention to what he needed to do. In that time, Chac Attack finished. The doctor had said it was like suturing and we were thinking that a doctor should be good at the task, so he proved us right. Justin finally got the task done correctly soon after Chac Attack so they left the road block in fourth place.

At one point after the remaining teams were told they were doing it wrong with the meat, the Southern mom yelled out to her son to check the big piece. That made all the other people not doing the road block do a double take. Logan from the Paparazzi team who wasn’t doing the task said that those not doing the road block could shout words of encouragement but they were not supposed to give hints. We haven’t ever seen anyone do that before in all this time so we felt someone was going to get in trouble!

Soon after the hint, the Southern team and Track Stars finally figured out how to place the meat and they were gone. A little bit later the Paparazzi team finally finished up, leaving the Cheerleaders alone with only the Dancers behind them somewhere. When the Cheerleaders finally finished up, they were long gone before the Dancers showed up. They were unsure about what the meat they were preparing to smoke. They thought it might be turkeys. It looked nothing like turkey. No clue how many tries it took for them to get it right, but they were so far behind, it probably didn’t matter.

Horse or Carriage

When teams arrived back in town with a hunk of lamb meat to pass off for their next clue, they were faced with a detour choice. They had to choose between dressing up a polo horse or cleaning and bringing a horse carriage to a location. In the horse one, they had to grab a polo mallet where they picked up the clue, change into polo outfits, and then dress up a fake horse like the example that was nearby. At least they did not have to mess with an actual horse since I would feel bad for the real horse. In the horse carriage one, teams had grab a buggy whip where they picked up the clue and then detail a horse carriage before bringing down the street where it would be harnessed to a team of horses. At the end of each task, the teams had to deliver their horse or carriage back to where they started to get their next clue. There also seemed to be a limited number of polo mallets and buggy whips so not everyone could do the same detour.

Tight Pants


Most teams chose the horse task, which ended up being the quicker task. The Reporters were the second team to pick the detour and almost left the area without their polo mallet, and reminded themselves that they do need to pay attention to all the clue details.

The Texas guys were the first ones to get changed into the polo outfits. They were commenting on how their pants were pretty tight. Amy said,”What is up with the tight white outfits this season?” I said, “They know that tight is hilarious.” Steve randomly remembered the season that had the selfies and we are glad that isn’t happening this season. Then Steve started laughing at the excellent observation from one of the Texas guys that the horses were fake.


Even though it took the Texas guys quite a while to figure out how to put everything on their fake horse correctly, they still finished first. They left the Reporters and the Green Team behind while they pushed their horse back to where they started. The Southern team and Track Stars were still walking to the place in their polo outfits and the Paparazzi team had grabbed the last polo mallet at the Detour starting point.  The Green Team were the next to finish followed shortly by the Reporters. The Paparazzi were on their way to the detour after changing their outfits and the guy said that his pants seemed tighter than her pants so he thought they might be wearing the wrong ones.

The Track Stars and Southern team finished the task around the time the Paparazzi team was starting so they did the entire task on their own. When the Southern team was headed back to the detour start, the mom asked which way they came in. As her son was starting to answer, she hit him in the arm and said, “No! Didn’t we pass these horses on our left when we came in?” His face looked like he was on the verge of screaming but holding it back like he has done many times in the past and responded, “No ma’am.”

Dusting and Dragging

Chac Attack were the third team to arrive at the detour, but they skimmed over the part of the clue about picking up the buggy whip. They didn’t realize it until they were all the way to the estate where they were picking up the horse carriage. There were a couple of dogs that barked at Chac Attack when they arrived at the estate and then it seemed like they were leading them back to the starting point. Amy said, “The dogs are saying, ‘We will show you where you made a mistake.'” They arrived back at the Detour starting point to get the buggy whip right after the Paparazzi team had taken the last polo mallet. They headed back to the estate right before the Texas team showed up to get their clue.


The Cheerleaders arrived at the detour start around the time the Green Team was getting their clue for the pit stop. They picked the horse carriage one since they did not have a choice by the time they showed up. They arrived at the estate right when Chac Attack were done dusting off the carriage and were starting to drag it down the street to their destination. It did not seem like the task took very long, but it seemed to be much further away than the horse task.

When the Cheerleaders took off from the task, the camera showed that they forgot the buggy whip. When Chac Attack were done delivering their carriage and it was hooked up to the horses, they got to ride in it to get their last clue. The Cheerleaders showed up and the carriage was hooked up. They asked for the whip so they ran back to the estate to get it. At least they didn’t have to push the carriage back and forth!

The editing made it seem like the Cheerleaders picked up the whip at the same time the Dancers were changing into their gaucho clothes. The Dancers were running with the carriage around the time the Cheerleaders were getting a ride in the horse carriage to the detour end point.

Pit Stop

The Texas guys were dismayed that they had to go to the pit stop on foot. They were looking at the location on the map and thought it seemed far. The Green Team saw that the pit stop was on foot and hoped that they could outrun the Texas team. It was close, but the Texas team arrived first. They won a trip to Cambodia. Phil warned both teams that there would be a Double U-Turn in the next race and asked if they would be using it against each other. I said that Phil was trying to start stuff. Amy said, “Well, he doesn’t have the dating questions to ask this time so he has to make his screen time count.”

Justin made some comment on the mat about how he had seen the show enough to know how it works with U-Turns. Then to the camera later he made a comment about if a team wants to play dirty, then he is willing to play dirty. I’m not sure how using a U-Turn is playing dirty. I never understand that. It’s a strategic part of the game! Ugh. The Reporters came in third place while the first two teams were still on the mat.

The Track Stars and Southern team showed up at the mat at the same time. The Track Stars came in fourth place, but the Southern team was told they would suffer a 30 minute penalty for giving hints at the road block. The Paparazzi team showed up while the penalty was still going on so they were able to come in fifth place. The Southern team ended up coming in sixth so it wasn’t that much of a penalty.


It took Chac Attack a while to figure out how to get over to the Pit Stop. There seemed to be some construction site blocking a way to get there. They came in seventh place so they lost their third place after the road block because they forgot the buggy whip. At least they didn’t get mad at each other for that mistake and just moved on.

The Cheerleaders came in eighth place and they also had a helper dog check in with them. That means the Dancers came in last place and were eliminated. They said they were not going to cry. Amy also realized that Justin made it a full leg without tears. It was amazing!

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