The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


I’m unclear why this movie was made. It seems an odd old tv show to decide to revive. I was confused the first time I saw the trailer, but I was also interested in it because I like Guy Ritchie movies. I also found the main cast very attractive so who wouldn’t want to watch them fight and argue while not really messing up their clothes or hair very much?


The plot revolves Henry Cavill playing a CIA agent named Napoleon Solo and Armie Hammer playing a KGB agent named Illya Kuryakin. They hate each other, but their two agencies have to team up to fight a common enemy that has a nuclear bomb. This involves getting the help from an East German woman, named Gaby, who can help lead them to her estranged father that they think is working on the bomb. There is other things going on with the mission, but it’s all fluff. It is unnecessary to try to follow along with the plot. It is very obvious which ones are the bad guys and which ones are the good ones.

I did laugh that there was an American playing a Russian, a Brit playing an American and a Swede playing a German. Almost no one was talking in their own accent. Cavill’s American accent was way over the top. I chucked quite a bit the way he said everything. It needs to be heard to understand what I’m talking about. He doesn’t talk like a normal human being.

Even with its lack of substance, this is still an entertaining film to watch. It is set in the ’60s and the outfits that Gaby wears are fantastic. Part of the plan is to have her act like Illya’s fiance and while the two of them argue about almost everything, they also have great chemistry together. There is a lot of  humor and winks at old school spy movies that kept me gigging throughout. I found it to be a nice fun spy movie to wrap up the summer movie season.

Grade: B-


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