Spirited Away

When a 10-year-old girl moves into a new neighborhood, she finds herself in another world filled with witches and monsters.

This won an Oscar for best animated film of the year. It’s anime and for those that know, I hate anime. Yet, I still watched it because it was supposed to be so good.

It was only slightly annoying in parts where the girl would scream entire sentences at the top of her lungs, but that only happened twice. Other than that, it was a lot less annoying than most anime that I’ve had to sit through.

It’s an interesting story and the creatures are beyond weird. That’s why I liked it. Especially No-Face, the mouse and the little bird that flew the mouse around. There were some spirit animal things that would wear sumo wrestler loin cloths and well….they really should have been wearing more. There was a lot of butt crack going on in this movie.

Even with the butt cracks, it was still very enjoyable and I recommend it.

Rating: B+

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