28 Days Later



A guy wakes up from a coma to find everyone has turned into zombies. Nuts!

It’s from the director of Trainspotting, but you can actually understand what the people are saying in this movie. Their accents aren’t so thick. It was filmed in digital film so it looks grainy, but it fits the movie.


People have been infected and turned into rage machines or zombie-like creatures, but a tad more intelligent than your standard run-of-the-mill zombies. They do make awesome noises when they run around though.

It was scary, funny and tense. I really don’t like tense movies, but it was tense in a good way. I hate movies where it is tense because the main character is being so incredibly stupid that you can’t believe they are still in the situation because there are so many ways out of it. This wasn’t one of those movies since it was out of their control.

It was a pretty good horror flick. Fun popcorn movie.

Rating: B

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