The Walking Dead, Vol 11: Fear the Hunters

The Walking Dead, Vol 11: Fear the Hunters

by Robert Kirkman

Pages: 136
Genre: Graphic Novel, Horror
Published: January 6, 2010

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4/5 stars

At the beginning of this volume, there were some sudden deaths that were haunting and quite effective at making the reader feel uneasy. I enjoyed the first half of this volume more than the second half.

Rick’s group did run into a new group of people that thought they were scarier than anyone else really found them to be. I was waiting for Rick’s group to take control and run them over. I am wondering if they are starting to feel too cocky like they can take on any foe.

I guess I could be sad about Andrea and Dale, but I have been waiting for that relationship to be over so we can all move on. I didn’t ever buy it as a relationship.

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