MWG: Conan the Barbarian

MWG: Conan the Barbarian

You know how Amy had us watch a classic movie last month? Well, Sharon is continuing on that trend with this Ah-nold classic.

Conan the Barbarian

Netflix synopsis: Catch Arnold before he became a politician! A pure swords-and-sorcery flick, Conan the Barbarian is one of the best and sparked a wave of fantasy films in the early ’80s. When Conan’s parents are killed in a raid, he’s sent to a slave camp where his master trains him to be a warrior and use his skills in high-stakes fights. Once granted his freedom, the muscle-bound bruiser seeks to avenge his parents’ brutal murder and solve the riddle of steel.

Rotten Tomato Score: 75%

5 Replies to “MWG: Conan the Barbarian”

  1. Oh, this movie is beyond goofy. I laughed at when Conan found a brave warrior woman to be his girlfriend, she was still very attracted to shiny things like a huge piece of jewelry. It all comes down to girls like shiny jewelry. Of course! The down side of the movie though was even though it was an action film there were a lot of down town between fighting scenes. I kept drifting off to take tiny naps until more fighting happened. Better editing would make this movie even more fabulously goofy.

  2. I want my review to just be silence. Maybe with the faint clank of swords and grunts of death in the background. I think this movie was a genius move for conservationists who were able to save thousands of trees by eliminating the need for pesky “scripts” and “dialogue.” This did make it a little difficult for me to follow as I was wrestling with the ferrets while I watched the movie and since there was not a whole lot of dialogue to follow I wouldn’t be entirely sure who he was fighting or sexing at any given moment. Arnold has perfected his intense stare. I think that the power of his character in the movie is best illustrated when he knocks out the camel.

  3. This movie is so beyond crazy. All the dramatical staring and lack of talking! I enjoyed the camel punching as well as the need for body paint to sneak into the snake party room! I was a little concerned when Arnold told James Earl Jones all his emotions and plans, but then snakes are not known for long term planning so it worked out fine in the end! This movie will never take the place of Red Sonja in my heart, but it was a good time just the same!

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