10 Cloverfield Lane


10 Cloverfield Lane

Starring: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr.

Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg
Written by: Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken

Rating: PG-13
Length: 1 hour 43 minutes
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 2016

I think it is best if you go into 10 Cloverfield Lane not knowing too much about it. This isn’t a sequel to Cloverfield, but is distantly related to it in a way. That sentence will only make sense if you watch it. I think anyone going into this movie wanting to watch a sequel to Cloverfield will be disappointed. The best case scenario is watching 10 Cloverfield Lane without thinking about the other one until it is over and then say, “Hey, they both have Cloverfield in the title.” Ding! *light bulb moment*


The basic premise of this movie is Michelle has broken up with her boyfriend and driving somewhere with a few of her things. After a car accident, she wakes up in an underground bunker with Howard, played by John Goodman, who says that he saved her from her car accident, but brought her to his bunker claiming there is a chemical attack taking place outside and it is only safe underground. She is immediately suspicious of this story, but there is also a guy around her age named Emmett who trusts Howard and Michelle seems to trust Emmett, but she is still not totally on board with the story.

The rest of the movie is her trying to figure out if what he says is going on is the truth or if Howard is some creepy guy that happened to have built a bunker on the off chance of really needing to use it. John Goodman is amazing. He can go from sweet, soft teddy bear to incredibly scary and terrifying. I became so caught up in the situation in the bunker and what was really going on that I forgot all about the movie being tied to another movie.

Then, shit goes insane at the very end. I felt the movie was wrapping up when things go off the rails. I liked it. I didn’t expect it, but I liked it. I almost wished there was more of that, but I did really enjoy the movie up until that point. It was claustrophobic and tense for a majority of the movie and then I was laughing at the craziness as it wrapped up. In some ways, I think tying it to Cloverfield might hurt it, but in other ways, I totally see why they have it in the title.

Rating: B+


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