The Silver Star


The Silver Star

by Jeannette Walls

Pages: 267
Genre: Literary Fiction
Published: 2013

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3/5 Stars

I found The Silver Star to be disappointing. It was an okay, easy read but not one I would necessarily recommend.

It’s about two young girls that go live with their uncle for a few months in the South when their flaky mom disappears on them for longer than she has before. The girls find summer jobs and get to know the town people including some not too savory characters.

I thought there was something to the story of the flighty mother that would disappear for long stretches of time, but not much was done with that storyline. The uncle has turned into a hermit over the years but that isn’t explained or explored. Something bad happens to the older sister but I felt like not enough was done with that plot either. Then the story wraps up and I actually wondered if I was missing part of the book.

I think part of the issue was the lack of dialogue. There would be two or three characters talking to each other, then it turned into the narrator paraphrasing what happened. It distanced the reader and there was no real character development.

I thought the story had potential but this felt like a rough draft that needed more work.

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