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When I heard that JJ Abrams was doing a reboot of the Star Trek franchise, I wasn’t worried since I have loved everything he has done so far. I have seen random Star Trek episodes over the years, but much of it is still foreign to me. I believe that someone knowing nothing about the series or movies would enjoy this movie. The way it is set up keeps the spirit of the show where each character says a line they are famous for, but if you are clueless about even the famous lines, there is plenty to enjoy. There isn’t a worry about getting lost in what has happened before.

As far as the movie goes, it was awesome. It was the right mix of action and humor. It was also tons of fun. I had such a blast that I went to see it again the next day. The main thing I loved about it was the casting. Zachary Quinto was born to play Spock. Chris Pine was a great, sexy Kirk that never stopped hitting on girls, even when he was being punched in the face repeatedly. That is a major credit to his hotness since even when his face was pummeled, which it was throughout the movie, he still looked good. Simon Pegg was perfect as Scotty and my only complaint was it took so long for him to show up, but I’m glad when he finally arrived. Zoe Saldana was smart and sexy as Uhura. My absolute favorite though was Karl Urban as McCoy. He was outstanding and I really hope he’s in the next movie more.

I could guess that some people might complain about the storyline, which sets it up that future movies can essentially ignore the entire Star Trek universe, but I think it gives it great freedom while still keeping the essential characters the same. They won’t be restricted from messing with any previous time lines, which is nice. Others could also complain about the little helper that was working with Scotty that was so ugly, it was cute creature could be like the reviled Ewoks of the Star Wars series, but I thought the little guy was in it for such a short period of time that I really enjoyed the comic relief. I did not have the urge to kill it like Jar Jar Binks.

My only complaint was Capt. Nero as the bad guy. He essentially was a super emo guy throwing a temper tantrum. It was nice to see him defeated, but he wasn’t scary at all. I guess he didn’t need to be scary, but a formidable threat would be good. He had a big ship, which was scarier than him, but it wasn’t anything to make me hate the movie. It is just a minor complaint. I can’t wait for the next one!

Rating: A


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