TAR: Just Take Your Pants Off


Amazing Race
This Is How You Lose a Million Dollars

Amazingly, no one did anything overly stupid this last leg. It was mostly just an endurance test of the body and mind with only a little dependence on taxi cabs. I do like it when their is a tough puzzle road block just before the finish line so it isn’t depending on a cab to get lost on the way to the finish line.

The order the teams left the pit stop:

  1. Tammy & Victor – 9:15 pm
  2. Margie & Luke – 11:24 pm
  3. Jamie & Cara – 2:04 am

Clue: Teams flew to their final destination city, Maui, Hawaii. Once there, they had to make their way to Beach Access 118 and had to prep a pig for a luau by seasoning it and then carry it on a stick 200 yards to the pit. Then teams had to properly cover the pig with palm leaves in order to receive their next clue.


There was no airport drama since everyone had to wait until the morning to make a reservation to Maui. They were all on the same plane and all arrived 18 hours later. The lawyer siblings were the first ones in a cab with no problems. The cheerleaders took off in second place with Jamie yelling that they had to go fast. Margie was also yelling at their cab driver they had to go fast since he wasn’t moving. He explained that was illegal. I was thinking she just wanted to him to start driving since starting the cab was faster than what he was currently doing. The teams apparently had to be in bathing suits for the task since everyone was changing in the cabs. Tammy was a bit modest, but there seemed to be a lot of skin going on in the cheerleader cab.

Pig Luau


The siblings arrived at the pig first. Victor said it was “really nasty” as he was rubbing the pig with the seasoning. The cheerleaders arrived and started rubbing the pig. The siblings picked up the pig and started walking. The cheerleaders decided they had rubbed enough and started to pick up their pig too. While they were struggling to carry the pig down the beach, Margie & Luke arrived. Jamie said she had to put the pig down. Is it supposed to sit in the sand? Who wants to eat that? Margie & Luke finished rubbing and started walking with the stick up on their shoulders, which seemed smarter than holding it down low like the other two teams. The siblings were still ahead of everyone. Jamie told Cara they could pass them since Tammy was a weakling, but didn’t she just rest her pig in the sand? Yes, she did since the camera got a nice shot of sand covering half the pig. Ick!

Tammy dropped the pig and had a hard time picking it back up. Victor said it would get harder each time she did that so she shouldn’t drop it. Jamie and Cara were resting their pig again and freaking out that Margie & Luke were catching up.  They passed the cheerleaders who had the pig picked up for about 20 seconds. Then they passed Tammy & Victor who were having a hard time moving since Tammy could barely pick up her side of the pig. The shoulder technique seemed to be the smartest! Margie & Luke were the only team that hadn’t dropped their pig. It was an interesting contrast of Victor cheering Tammy on telling her she could do it and Jamie who would scream at Cara whenever she dropped her side of the pig.


Margie & Luke arrived at the pit and dropped it into it. Margie said something went under it. The siblings were almost there when Tammy dropped the pig again. Victor said they were almost to the point where they could drop it for good. Back on the beach, Cara could not lift the pig anymore. Jamie kept saying they were stronger than Tammy, but apparently Cara wasn’t! Jamie informed Cara that they were going to lose a million dollars. I was hoping Cara would throw Jamie into the pig pit! Tammy was whining, but Victor got  her to pick up her pig to finally get it into the pit. Jamie finally yelled at Cara enough so she picked up the pig and got it off the beach and over to the grassy pit area. Margie & Luke were covering their pig with leaves. The siblings and cheerleaders finally made it to the pit too. Oh, I guess it didn’t matter if they dropped the pig since after covering it with leaves, they covered it with dirt! Okie dokie! Margie & Luke finished first and got the next clue.


Clue: Teams had to keep their bathing suits on and head to the beach at McGregor Point (Is Ewan there?). Once there, they had to take a one-mile ride on a jet ski to a buoy field and search among 100 buoys for their next clue.

Margie & Luke got into their cab and headed out to the beach. Tammy & Victor thought they were done, but then realized they had been covering the pig wrong. They started to fix it. The cheerleaders had been copying Tammy & Victor even though there was a correct example nearby. They started to remove the palm fronds since they thought that was wrong.  The siblings finished up in second place and while they were running off the cheerleaders finished.

While those two teams were in their cabs, Margie & Luke arrived at the beach. They got on their life jackets and swam a bit out to the jet ski. They both got on and took off. Margie was driving and Luke was searching. He kept yelling to go to each buoy and then checked. Margie yelled at him to stop yelling. The siblings and cheerleaders arrived at the beach. In the water, Margie & Luke were busy falling off their jet ski and then getting back on it. Tammy & Victor got to their jet ski and took off with Victor driving. Luke found a clue! They apparently couldn’t open it until they were back on land. They waved at Tammy & Victor on their way into shore. Jamie & Cara were headed out to the buoys too. They both started looking for the clue when they got to the buoys. Back at the beach, Margie & Luke opened up their next clue.


Clue: Teams had to race along Hana Highway and find a surfboard fence to get their next clue.

The ran to their cab and told their driver to take them along the Hana Highway. Back at the buoys, Jamie & Cara found a clue right away and started heading back to shore. Tammy saw one but Victor got it. They both seemed to get it much faster than Margie & Luke.  When Margie & Luke found the surfboard fence, they found the clue box right away.

Surfboard Wall

Road Block: One team member had to go through a pile of surfboards with pictures on them, pick out the correct 11 that actually have a picture of something that related to each leg, and then line them up to make a fence in the order they happened.

Luke decided to do it. Margie said that Luke had been preparing for what they had done in each leg and each task. She felt confident that he would do well.  Luke found one from the first leg for the Church of San Antonio and stood it up in the correct spot. He found one from the fourth leg of the Krasnoyarsk Dam. He grabbed a surfboard with the Bangkok Boats from the eighth leg. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders were not finding the fence with their driver. He was calling into his dispatch for help. Victor & Tammy were stuck behind a slow car. Hopefully, they weren’t lost on top of it.


Luke got the tiger from the Phuket Zoo in the seventh leg and the crazy nose-playing flute guy at the Jaipur Pit Stop in the sixth leg. Luke’s bathing suit kept slipping. He got tired of it and just took it off so he was just in his Speedo and a t-shirt. He found the white cabs from Novosibirska Lada in the fifth leg. Margie was nervous another team would catch up. Not so fast! The cheerleaders were pulled over on the side of the road as the cab driver was on the phone trying to figure out where to go. While on the phone with dispatch, the dispatch lady said to taxi driver that she didn’t know where the place they were looking for was located. Jamie yelled, “Can’t we please get a move on?” The dispatch lady responded, “You need to tell your people that I am not their personal concierge, and I don’t have the time to be looking for this place for them.” While, I believe it is total karma for Jamie, I would think it is part of the cab company’s job to find places their paying customers are looking for. After they started driving again, Jamie asked to borrow the phone to call the police department because they would know the names of streets. The police? Whoever answered was very nice and gave them directions. As soon as she told the driver, he said okay but first he had to get gas. Hahaha! They can’t win.

Back at the surfboards, Luke found the ninth surfboard with the Guilin Cormorant fishing birds. He only needed four more. Tammy & Victor were still cruising down the highway behind the slow moving car that they couldn’t pass since they were in a no passing section of the highway. Luke found the third leg surfboard with Romanian Gymnastics. Three more!

The siblings found the road block! Victor decided to do it. Victor started picking out surfboards quickly, but Luke found one from the second leg with the Ruhpolding Gondola. He only needed two more from the last two legs.  Victor was picking up surfboards and just throwing them in a pile instead of putting them up in order like Luke had done. It appeared Victor had two thrown down near his area already. Victor talked about how his pants kept feeling like they were falling off. Tammy said he could take them off like Luke did. What’s up with the no pants this episode? Luke found a board for the tenth leg, but it was a skull wearing sunglasses. What did that have to do with anything? It didn’t, since it was wrong, but he didn’t know that yet. He went looking for his last surfboard.

The cheerleaders pulled into the gas station. It just made me laugh. They were telling their driver it was worth a million dollars. I’m never sure why teams try to make their cab drivers feel for them by saying they are trying to win a million dollars. Will they share any with the cab driver if they win? Of course not!

Luke was dragging over two surfboards to his wall so maybe he figured out that skull one was wrong. He put up another wrong one, but had finished up his wall. The lady that was judging shook her head. He knew the last one wasn’t right and pushed it over before going back to the pile. Victor found one of the boards that Luke had not found yet. It was the Beijing Foot Massage for the tenth leg. Luke guessed wrong on the last surfboard again. Victor found a surfboard with scorpions on skewers for the 11th leg of Beijing Delicacies. Luke just needed to find those last two, but he kept picking wrong ones.  The cheerleaders arrived! Cara told Jamie she had a better memory. Luke was just grabbing random surfboards. It was like the other teams being there psyched him out when he was doing so well before they showed up. Jamie said that none of the surfboards looked like anything they had done.

Victor started to line up some of his surfboards from his pile, but he didn’t have them all yet. Luke tried another wrong one. Jamie was saying she didn’t remember doing anything that was on the surfboards that had pictures like clowns, lions and donkeys. She kept yelling and throwing surfboards saying, “These don’t make any sense. They make no sense.” Jamie finally found one! After getting it wrong again, Luke stood back and started looking at his wall again. Victor had six done. Margie yelled at Luke to make sure he had all the other ones right since he kept concentrating on the last one. He started going down the wall. Not sure what he thought the 10th leg picture was supposed to stand for, but he still kept only switching out the 11th leg surfboard. He was getting really frustrated. Victor was in the zone just working on putting his wall together.


Jamie seemed to be having a fun time not thinking any of the surfboards made any sense. Maybe she had lost her mind at that point. Victor only had two spots remaining to fill, which was the same as Luke. He didn’t seem as frazzled though.  Jamie had seven done. Luke was still putting random surfboards into the last leg spot.  Victor was asking himself what they did in Bangkok. He remembered the party taxi and the boats. He went off searching for the surfboard. Luke finally swapped out the skull in the 10th leg for the foot massage one, so he only had the 11th leg spot open.  Jamie only had two spots left to fill (the 1st and 8th legs). Victor only needed the 5th leg. Luke still didn’t know about the last leg. Victor finished up and got the okay from the judge. He got his next clue.

Clue: Travel to the King Kamehameha Golf Club and run to the finish line.

Tammy & Victor got into the cab. Victor said he was surprised since Luke was so close to being done when they arrived, but Tammy said he was so frustrated with it. She knew Jamie & Cara were frustrated too. Jamie was actually doing pretty good for Jamie! Jamie filled in the 8th leg with the boats so she was just looking for the first leg surfboard while Luke kept saying that Victor finished and not really trying to find the correct surfboard. Margie told Luke to work with Jamie. He ran over and pointed out the Church one in the first leg. She said, “We saw Jesus? Oh yeah we did!” Then she put it down and got her clue. Cara said for them to get a move on, but Jamie ran over to help Luke saying, she never would have remembered Jesus if it wasn’t for him. I can’t believe she was nice! She flipped over each of her surfboards while he nodded he had them until the very end where he saw the scorpions and remembered. Jamie & Cara took off to the finish line. Luke finally finished and they took off too.  In the cabs, both Luke and Jamie were crying that they couldn’t remember one leg of the race while both Cara and Margie said they did their best.

Finish Line


Phil was hanging out on the golf course. Tammy & Victor were the first ones to make it to the pit stop and come in first place! Victor said he couldn’t believe they were there now. Phil asked Tammy what she thought since she was standing there shaking her head in disbelief. She said she was standing there with no pants on! She still had on her bathing suit with a t-shirt on over it. It was totally a no-pants episode!

The cheerleaders came in second place.  Phil asked what happened and Jamie actually blamed herself. WAT! Cara said it was okay since they got to finish the entire race. While in the cab, Margie was telling Luke that she was proud of him and the experience was worth more than a million dollars. They finally arrived at the golf course in third place. Phil asked  Luke if he believed that his mom was the bionic woman, which made everyone laugh.

Final standings:

  1. Tammy & Victor
  2. Jamie  & Cara
  3. Margie & Luke


  1. Were you happy with who won?
  2. What was your favorite leg?
  3. Where would you want to actually travel after seeing it on this season?

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