X-Men Origins: Wolverine


I’ll give Hugh Jackman credit for giving his all in the role. He looks great and I really appreciated the many shirtless and naked scenes in the movie. I would have been happy if that was most of the movie. Too bad it seemed like he was carrying the movie. There were other characters that came and went, and I had no idea what their names were, let alone who they really were. I would have liked more time spent on them or maybe had fewer of them in the movie to give those that were in it a chance to be an actual character. I thought by the time the third X-Men movie, there were so many characters that were shown so briefly that it became a blur of people with powers. I was excited when I heard about the Origin movies since we could spend more time with one character. I do think it did very well with the background story with Logan and Victor.

The main issue that I had was I was clueless about some of the characters. As a person who has never read the comics and never watched the cartoons, I only knew from what I had seen from the X-Men movies.  I was confused by all the characters that were introduced near the beginning as part of the team that was put together by Stryker. He called Agent Zero by his name and we knew Wade’s name, but I had no idea about the other guys played by Will i Am, Kevin Durand, and Dominic Monaghan. I didn’t know their characters’ names until the credits and wasn’t exactly sure of all their abilities. I wished a little bit of time had been taken to explain it. Maybe a scene where the people were introduced to Logan and Victor when they joined the team or just had fewer people on the team so one would get lost in the mess of people.

I enjoyed the introduction of Gambit. He was a cool character and I wished he would have been introduced a bit sooner in the movie. I thought the introduction of Wade, who would become Deadpool, was also good. I wish he would have been in it a bit more in the beginning. I could have lived with a sacrifice in the romantic story to give the other characters more time. I think it would have had a bigger impact. The bits towards the end with Deadpool were intriguing enough and it made me interested in the spin-off that is supposed to happen with that character. I guess it did a good job in getting me to want to spend more money on future installments. Good job movie guys!

Rating: B-


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