The Break Up

The Break-Up

Directed: Peyton Reed
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugh decide to break up after being together for two years, but neither one wants to give up the condo.

Why did I watch this movie? It was more out of curiosity, but I had to force myself to finish watching it. I TiVo’d it off of cable and I think it took me over two weeks to get through it. I was watch bits and pieces here and there, but had to turn it off after a few minutes from it being so annoying. I finally forced myself to just watch the last half in one sitting to get through it.

I have no idea why these two people were ever together. It shows them meeting, then there are pictures of their happy times, and then we get to witness fights. It would have been nice to actually see the happy times as proof that these two cared for each other since their fights were so childish. I actually liked Joey Lauren Adams and Jon Favreau’s characters in the movie since they would try to talk sense into these two that were acting beyond immature. I am guessing all the immaturity was supposed to be funny, but I just found it annoying.

At the end, they both grow up, mature and move on, and I wished the movie would have started at that point. They actually seemed like decent people then, but I just wanted to slap both of them the rest of the movie.

Rating: C-


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