Based on the true story of the unsolved death of TV’s Superman, George Reeves. Was it suicide or murder?

This movie was slow and that might have worked if there was some payoff at the end, but there isn’t since no one is really sure if George Reeves killed himself, if he was murdered, or if it was an accident. A whole bunch of different scenarios are shown, and they are the only interesting part of the movie.


Adrien Brody is a private investigator hired to prove that George Reeves didn’t kill himself like the police thought, but half the movie is spent on his character’s messed up life. He’s divorced, his son isn’t really impressed by him, he’s an alcoholic, and he ignores the case he had before he had the George Reeves’ one. That case plays out during the movie, but I have no idea why. Either I completely missed the point or there wasn’t a reason why we spent so much time on a husband who is convinced his wife is having an affair.

Ben Affleck is fine, but not outstanding. I’m guessing he has a New England accent, but I’m not sure. It is distracting. He does a good job of a guy trying to be a serious actor, yet can’t get hired for a role. He takes the Superman role as a job, and had no idea it would become so successful. He hates that is what he is known for and how he can’t get another role since everyone sees him as Superman. He shows someone that is becoming more and more desperate, the older he gets so that’s why you aren’t sure if he killed himself or if there was another reason he ended up dead.

Rating: C+

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