The 40-Year-Old Virgin


Steve Carell is the virgin and his friends try to help him fix that problem once they find out.

At first glance, The 40-Year-Old Virgin looks like your typical frat boy rated-R sex comedy. I had higher hopes for this movie because it was written and directed by Judd Apatow who created Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. It also stars Steve Carell, who is hilarious.


This movie started out pretty slow with a few giggles here and there, but picked up steam about half way through it. I know during the last half of the movie, I was laughing so bad that my cheeks were hurting. We had to stop and rewind the DVD many times to figure out what we missed from laughing too loudly.

I thought Steve Carell did a good job in making his character sweet, but not completely clueless. He wasn’t the stereotypical guy that wouldn’t have ever had sex. He knew some things, but had bad luck so many times that he gave up. I thought that Paul Rudd was awesome. At first, he was very whiny, but as the movie went along, I understood why he was awesome. I also loved his ex-girlfriend who plays Kelly on The Office. She’s hilarious.

Finally, I really liked what seemed like throw away lines in the movie. It seemed from watching the┬ábehind-the-scenes stuff that much of the movie was improvised. I think it was those lines that were the funniest since they were unexpected. It wasn’t written like a standard comedy. It was like a fun night where you are hanging out with your friends and making each other laugh all night long.

Rating: A-

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