Garden State


The main guy from Scrubs wrote, directed, and stars in a story about a man who comes back home to New Jersey from L.A. when his mom dies and is reminded how much he likes his home state.

This movie was highly amusing. Largeman (his last name) is drugged up on every medication out there due to his psychiatrist father so he hasn’t really had any real emotions in years. He deals with that, his relationship with his father, his mother dying, how he grew up, his friends, and starting a relationship with Natalie Portman.


That’s the main storyline of the movie which is nice enough, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed this movie as much as I did if it didn’t have so much other random weird junk going on too. There are funny bits and scenes that happen, not so much to further the storyline along, but to just have something weird and quirky happen. I can’t really explain any of them since they would not sound as funny as watching them, like the shirt matching the wallpaper and the guy that works at Medieval Times.

I did like seeing how he had no emotion whatsoever at the beginning of the movie, but at the end all his medication that he hadn’t been taking since he was back home had finally washed out of his system and he had a personality! It creeped on slowly throughout the movie, so it was very subtle.

Good stuff!

Rating: B+

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