Far From Heaven

A 1950’s rich family’s life turns upside down when the wife catches her husband in bed with another man.

Starring Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, and President Palmer, er I mean Dennis Haybert. It takes place in the 50’s and is filmed like movies were filmed in the 50’s. People talk funny. No one is open minded about anything and crazy stuff happens.

Cathy thinks she has the perfect life. She’s a homemaker to a successful salesmen and they have two kids while living in the suburbs. One night she catches her husband making out with another man. oops! Then she starts hanging out with the black gardener which causes quite the tizzy with the society people. oh no!

Julianne Moore is awesome and Dennis Quaid did a great job. The movie makes you mad at the way people act but that’s what it was supposed to do. I really enjoyed it, but it isn’t any light-hearted film about the good ole days of the 50’s.

Rating: B+

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