A.I.: Artificial Intelligence


In the future, a highly advanced robotic boy thinks he is real and wants his “mother” to love him.

It was interesting in how they made the machine feel love (or at least neediness) but everyone pretty much kept treating him like a machine. Even when he ended up back at his creator he kept talking to him about how amazing he is in terms of science when all David cared about was finding him mom.

I thought Haley Joel Osment did a great job. When he first showed up you could see why they couldn’t help treating him like a machine because he just didn’t act human. Then when he was programmed to love he changed but still only slightly. He still had that crazy laugh going on. I was worried when they brought out Teddy that he would be annoying but I liked Teddy. I wish he was around more.

Personally, I thought the movie should have ended when he found the blue fairy underwater. But then crazy aliens showed up and I just felt like the movie was going off in some other direction just to have a happy ending. I wasn’t too thrilled with the ending. Having him talk to the blue fairy until the end of time kinda sucked for him but it made sense that was how the movie would end compared to where it did.  It was just odd.

Rating: C

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