Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol


A New Year’s Resolution that I created with the help of Amy is to watch more movies! I have really been slacking on watching movies the past couple of years, so we are going to change that. Not only will we watch movies, we are going to get together and review them afterwards as a team. We are calling this venture, Snazzle Reviews! Our first movie was one that came out at the end of last year (Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol), but neither of us had seen it yet. Let’s begin! We do talk about random plot points so you might want to skip it if you want to avoid any spoilers.


Coni: Did you watch the first three Mission Impossible movies before this one?

Amy: I was just thinking about that and I think I missed at least one. I know I saw the first one, but not sure about the second or third one. I remember Ving Rhames.

Coni: I know he was in the first two. Do you remember Simon Pegg from the third movie?

Amy: I do not think so. I remember him from the funny zombie movie! I loved it in this movie when he said, “…and I catch you!”

Coni: Yes, that was good. I believe you missed the third movie so some of the back story of this movie might not have made sense to you with them mentioning him disappearing and stuff with his wife. You know you watched the first one. The second one came out that involved a lot of people wearing masks of other people’s faces and voice changers a lot. It became overkill in that movie. It also had a lot of car chases in it and the same basic plot line of Ronin that had come out two years earlier. It was not my favorite Mission Impossible movie, but it did have my favorite bad line in it, “This is not Mission:Difficult.” It’s so stupid! I say it all the time.

Amy: I think I remember that one.

Coni: The third one introduced Simon Pegg, who was a guy in the lab that talked to Ethan Hunt through ear pieces mostly while he was out in the field. He almost acted like Q in a way giving him neat gadgets. He was pretty funny in that one. He was used the same way in this one, but he was out in the field doing it. The third one also showed Ethan Hunt all happy and married, so of course, his wife gets kidnapped and tortured so he had to save her. That’s what some people were referring to in this movie. I highly recommend the third one since it was directed by JJ Abrams and featured about 3-5 minutes of Tom Cruise running, which is why I make the running jokes now.

Amy: I shall try to watch it!

Coni: I was actually looking forward to more running in this one since it was ridiculous in the last one. How do you feel the running turned out in this movie?

Amy: I felt there was a lot of running, but most of it was understandable. I didn’t feel there was gratuitous running. Also, Tom Cruise has a very good determined running expression, so that worked well too.

Coni: Towards the end when they said that Cobalt was six miles away, I actually thought Tom Cruise was going to say, “Don’t worry guys, I have this,” while he took off running. Instead, he drove. What did you think about the threat of nuclear war being the big threat in the movie? Was it a scary enough threat? Was Cobalt a decent bad guy or was he cheesy?

Amy: I was like, is it 1985? Then I wondered, what did happen to all those bombs? I thought it was scary and the bad guy was good. He was crazy!

Coni: I giggled when they said “global nuclear war.” I wanted them to throw “thermal” in there too. Would you like to play a game?

Amy: I was wanting Sean Connery to be on the sub! At first, I was thinking, is this a flash forward because the guy from Lost was there!

Coni: Oh yes, the Lost guy! When I first saw him, I didn’t recognize him and thought it was someone who just looked like Josh Holloway. I was thinking they could have probably gotten Josh Holloway to play that character and then realized, it was him!

Amy: Me too! I wasn’t sure it was him until he talked.

Coni: Did you find it sad that they blew up the Kremlin? It was shiny and pretty.

Amy: A little. I would have been more sad if it had been the pretty onion dome church. I felt sad because it looked like a fancy building, but also, it’s a building that was used to plot against the USA so sad and yet, not all sad.

Coni: What did you think about the disguises that were used, or the lack thereof, in this movie?

Amy: The masks scared me when they peeled them off so I wasn’t sad that there was only one. I did think that part was a little weird with Cobalt pretending to be his henchman and then the real henchman is there later. I was thinking, “Why did it have to be him? Why couldn’t the real henchman get the papers and then follow him to Cobalt?” I would think the plot would have ended up the same.

Coni: I found that weird too. Why couldn’t he just send the henchman? Why did he bother to pull his mask off to show who he was to Ethan?

Amy: Yeah, it wasn’t like the team was going to be more motivated just because it was Cobalt.

Coni: There are rumors that Jeremy Renner was being set up as someone who could take over for Tom Cruise when he’s done making these movies. Do you think analyst guy would make a good replacement?

Amy: I need to see Jeremy be more sexy. I thought he had good action moves, so I would probably watch him in another Mission Impossible. I would like a different girl though.

Coni: I did find her a bit boring. I did enjoy the girl fighting scene. I figured she had to fight her since they didn’t want the guys to beat up the girl.

Amy: Also, I first thought that Jeremy was going to be a double agent so I was like…zomg!

Coni: Yes, that was a bit fishy at the beginning. Back to the girls fighting, I did like the…ooops! There goes the assassin out the window!

Amy: Lots of people fall in this movie. Also, when the dust storm was there, how did the room not get ruined? Or did we not see it after the storm hit?

Coni: Ethan was chasing Cobalt when the sand storm hit so we didn’t see the room. I was waiting for that storm to hit it. How did you like the crazy climbing up the tallest building in the world and then running around in a sand storm?

Amy: I felt a little woozy when he was climbing and I totally knew a glove would break. Anything that makes the wind up sound breaks. That’s a techmonster fact!

Coni: I was actually getting a bit bored with the climbing when it started to break so that was good timing. Then when he almost fell after cutting the window to get back in, I almost punched myself in the face from throwing my arm up. Was I going to catch him? No idea.

Amy: I jumped too! I also think I yelled a couple of times. I don’t think I was too loud, but I know I yelped a couple of times.

Coni: Overall, how did you like the movie?

Amy: I enjoyed it! I think they should have shown the diamonds more because they were pretty. It was very action packed. I also liked the cars.

Coni: I thought it was a good combination of suspense, action and comedy. The cars were pretty. Oh the crazy car parking garage scene! I did like how they showed that people were actually hurt after all the crazy fighting, since usually people fall a few stories on to their back and then just run away!

Amy: I didn’t like how hurt people got, but I know that’s realistic. By the time Tom Cruise was laying on the floor of the garage, I was thinking, I need a Vicodin! The cars were nice though. I also liked the party in India. I wish I was at that party!

Coni: I liked the tray of cell phones. Nice job that guy has — I’m the cell phone tray holder.

Amy: I was thinking, no way for me. I can barely work my one phone. How would I learn to work them all?

Coni: I did also like the ancient looking pay phone in Russia that had fancy equipment hiding inside. So sneaky! And the crazy retina recognition that needed to happen before they could get into the moving train car.

Amy: That was funny with the train. I wanted to see them all in the bunk beds though! I also liked how Ethan blew a kiss to Simon when he opened the prison door. And for some reason at the end, I thought it would show Ethan in a wheelchair from his leg or something. I think I was feeling a John Locke from Lost vibe.

Coni: He gets beat up, but he keeps going!

Amy: He does!

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