MWG: Flight of the Living Dead

MWG: Flight of the Living Dead


Marci has Decembers movie pick and she picked a straight-to-DVD movie about zombies. Just in time for the holidays!


Netflix synopsis: During a transatlanic flight, a corpse emerges from the cargo hold and lays waste to the passengers, turning them into zombies. A handful of travelers try to stop the ghoulish horde, but how do you fight the undead at 30,000 feet above the ocean? The living passengers get wildly creative in this wickedly funny, fabulously bloody gore fest written and directed by Scott Thomas and starring David Chisum, Kristen Kerr, Dale Midkiff and Sarah Laine.

RT Score 80%

Watch it and review it!

2 Replies to “MWG: Flight of the Living Dead”

  1. The worst offense about the movie was it was boring for way too long before the zombies started happening. I don’t think anyone was watching the movie for major plot points so why they kept trying to explain some crazy experiment or showing the doctors discussing it was boring. Even while the zombies were going crazy on the plane, there was time spent showing government officials discussing what to do about it, which was also boring.

    As far as zombie movies go, there are much better out there, but I did have to try to find some things to enjoy about it:
    – Blonde stewardess was the best zombie especially the part where she was crawling on the ground with someone’s arm in her mouth. She should have been in it more.
    – The big hole in the plane where zombies/people would fall and also zombies would jump up to grab people. It was entertaining.
    – Canada wanted nothing to do with the crazy zombie plane. There was one random time where they were going to try to land in Canada since it was the closest place they could once they realized what was going on, but Canada said “No way, eh!”

    Other than that, Snakes on a Plane had more interesting death scenes.

  2. OMG this movie was so stupid, but had some funny parts. First off, how could they even think one con artist could have eaten all those people, glad the finally woke up and figured that one out!

    My favorite zombie was Ben, hilarious! I also enjoyed the watching the zombie women that started the madness dragging an entire corpse by the arm with her teeth, very strong zombie.

    The ending left it wide open for Zombies in Vegas! That should be real good =)

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