The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk


This movie was so much better than the turd of a movie that came out a few years ago where a cartoony Hulk bounced through the movie.  I thought the movie did a better job getting right into the action by skipping past how be became the Hulk during the credits. It did explain what happened during the experiments as the movie went along in a much more natural way. The storytelling was superior and so was the acting, even Liv Tyler who isn’t much of an actress. I really enjoyed Edward Norton and Tim Roth. They made the movie better. They could have easily overacted, but they didn’t.


The special effects of Hulk were much better too. I didn’t feel like I was watching a cartoon character, but something that was actually integrated in the scene. I forgot it was CGI so that was good. I do think all the attention was paid on making the Hulk and Abomination seem as real as possible, I think they forgot to pay attention to the CGI that was applied to Tim Roth’s body when he was becoming more muscular as the movie went on. At one point, he had this sinewy, muscular, body, but they didn’t make his shoulders wide enough. He had this huge head on a lean body. It was strange!

The movie petered out a bit towards the end. There was a big fight scene that I think was drawn on for a little too long. Then when it was over, I was unclear if the movie was going to end or not. It did shortly afterward with an opening for a sequel, but it didn’t seem very much like a solid ending. It could have set up the same opening, but wrapped up other story lines a bit more. It just seemed like there was another quarter of the movie that was chopped off.

Rating: B

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