Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist


Nick is a lovelorn boy who was dumped by a girl he is obsessed over. Why was he obsessed with Pumpkin Head? That’s how I refer to the actress that plays Tris. She’s way too skinny for her large head. Anyway, he was dumped by Pumpkin Head who was pretty much only going out with him since he was a devoted puppy dog. She cheated on him the entire time. He made her tons of mix CDs to try to win her back, which she would laugh and dump in the trash at school. Norah would pick them out of the trash and loved them. She also had a love of music and wished she had someone make her mix CDs too.

Later on that night, Norah was proving to Tris that she could get a boyfriend and ends up kissing the first guy she sees. It is Nick. She didn’t realize who he was until Tris got jealous right away. The two crazy kids end up flirting with each other throughout the night while also taking turns working out their own issues. Norah deals with low self-esteem issues due to a famous music producer dad that makes her surrounded by tons of leeches including her ex-boyfriend looking for a record deal. She doesn’t seem to trust that anyone will like her for her. Nick deals with still crushing on Pumpkin Head for unknown reasons.

At times the movie seemed cute. I was rooting for them to get together, but I have seen the same story done in so many other teen comedy movies in much more entertaining ways. I also found that since the movie was based so much in their love of music, there would have been a better soundtrack. I found most of the indie hipster songs extremely boring. I only found one song that I liked during the movie and it was The Dead 60s song, “Riot Radio.” I could have done without the rest of the music. That part made me sad.

Finally, there was an entire subplot involving Norah trying to save her extremely drunk friend that I had hoped would have been funnier than it turned out. It was mostly sad and gross, especially parts involving puke and a piece of chewing gum. I could have done without seeing any of that. Ick!

Rating: C

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