TAR: Fire Head Lady

TAR: Fire Head Lady

Amazing Race
Please Hold Me While I Singe My Skull

At this point, I have some definite favorite teams. I’m really rooting for Toni & Dallas to win. I actually like Nick & Starr, even though the divorced ladies can’t stand them. I find the divorced ladies pretty stuck up though. I have tried to like them, but they are just annoying. As much as I don’t like Team S&M or Team Emo, they make for good television so I hope they stick around for a bit to give me something to write about. I’m surprised the frat guys are in the race. They seem to make very dumb mistakes and have been second to last almost every leg. It really does seem to be Andrew and dead weight. Does Dan do anything besides whine? Has Andrew done every road block? Did they get rid of the requirement where each team member  had to do an equal number of road blocks?

Team Emo arrived to the pit stop in third place, but they ended up leaving it in fifth place since they had a 30 minute penalty from the previous leg due to being pulled over for speeding. The order the teams left the pit stop:

  • Nick & Starr (siblings) – 11:22 pm
  • Toni & Dallas (mom/son) – 11:34 pm
  • Ken & Tina (Team S&M) – 11:53 pm
  • Kelly & Christy (divorced ladies) – 11:59 pm
  • Terence & Sarah (Team Emo) – 12:05 am
  • Andrew & Dan (frat guys) – 12:29 am

Clue: Fly to Delhi, India. They must find Moon Light Motors to get their next clue. They had to go to a travel agency to get their tickets before going to the airport.

Everyone ended up on the same flight so there were no airport fun times this round. Dallas did talk about flirting with Starr, but his mom is the worst wing man so he doesn’t get much accomplished with her around or her brother, Nick, nearby. The best part of the flirting scenes at the travel agency was the bow chicka bow bow music that played in the background. Nice!

Delhi, India

After landing in India, the teams all rushed to the taxis. The divorced ladies managed to find some doors that didn’t unlock so they didn’t get to go outside right away. The siblings were the first ones to find a cab, followed by Team S&M, mom/son, frat boys and the divorced ladies. Team Emo were the last to leave. While driving, Nick said that he commented to the divorced ladies they should be wearing pants since the guys were leering at them, but they said it was too hot. Starr could not believe what they were wearing. Starr was wearing pants, but she might have looked at her top before accusing anyone of wearing anything revealing.  All the teams were amazed at the cows just wandering the streets. Moo!

Team S&M had some problems. Their cab driver had to stop to get directions to Moonlight Motors.  Tina kept telling the cab driver it was just down the street. How did she know? I know she was looking at Google maps back in Cambodia while booking her plane ticket, but did she memorize all the streets? The siblings lucked out by asking someone if they knew where Moonlight Motors was located and it was right where they stopped. The frat boys showed up right behind them. The clue was a road block.

Moonlight Motors

Road block: It asked who has an artistic flair. The team member had to help the taxi industry go green literally. They had to change the auto rickshaw from black and yellow to green and yellow to signify that it now runs on natural gas. First, they had to mask the yellow parts and interior with newspaper before spray painting the bottom part with green paint.

Starr decided to do it and went to work around the time that the frat boys opened up the clue. Who picked it? Of course Andrew did it! Has Dan done a road block? Lazy ass. Team S&M were still lost and the divorced ladies were getting directions. Team Emo passed by the divorced ladies wondering if they knew where to go. Mom/son showed up and mom decided to do the road block. Well, Dallas decided for her. Team S&M was complaining about going around in circles. Mr. Emo was telling his cab driver which way to go, but was still lost. The divorced ladies found the road block and Kelly did it.  Team S&M were out of their cabs asking business owners if they knew where the place was located. I’m wondering if they even spoke English because they just seemed to shake their head at Tina. Team Emo found the road block as Team S&M driver was stopping somewhere else asking for directions again. They finally got to the road block and Ken decided to do it. Tina could not believe everyone was there before them.

Starr finished up with the newspaper first and started painting. Andrew started painting right after her. Toni was about to start painting next. Sarah was the one who was doing the road block. Terence was telling her she needed to do it as fast as possible. She said she didn’t need him frustrated at her. He said he wasn’t frustrated, but the road block was something she said she could do. Oh wow. Shut up! You can’t change it now. Talking like that doesn’t help anything. He was annoying other teams. Dan found him controlling and Andrew said that if Terence wanted to control everything, why didn’t he pick the road block to do. Of course, Andrew lets Dan push him around into doing every task so he probably doesn’t recognize the symptoms. Tina was talking non stop telling Ken what to do and how to do it. She was telling him what he was doing wrong and blah blah blah blah blah. Tina and Terence should go off somewhere and criticize each other and leave their partners alone.

Dallas was actually coaching his mom through the task instead of berating her. Christy was doing the same with Kelly. Kelly finished taping up and started painting. Terence blew a gasket when he saw Kelly start painting. She arrived before you. It’s expected she will get done quicker. He started telling Sarah what to do again and when she said something he interrupted her saying that he was trying to tell her how to do it and she wasn’t listening. Ken finished up with the paper and started painting. Terence was not happy with that! Starr needed more paint and while she was refilling, Andrew finished first. He got the next clue.

Clue: Make their way to the Ambassador Hotel and search the grounds for an Indian Doorman to find their next clue.

The frat boys went running to find a taxi. Starr finished so the siblings went looking for a cab. Sarah finally finished taping and started painting. The siblings found a cab before the frat boys. Mom/son finished up third and got a cab. Ken finished up next and Team S&M went looking for their cab. They had asked their driver to wait for them, but did they want him to wait after he couldn’t find that place? The frat boys finally found a taxi. So much for that spot in first place! Sarah ran out of paint. Kelly got done so the divorced ladies were finished, leaving Team Emo in last place.  The siblings were the first to arrive at the Indian Doorman and got the next clue, which was a detour.

Launder Money vs Launder Clothes

Detour: In Launder Money, the teams had to make a necklace lined with Indian money known as rupees. They had to have 10 ruppee notes that added up to the sum of 780. They would have to exhange their own cash to get the right combination of notes. After finishing the necklace, they had to present the necklace to a nearby groom at a wedding reception. In Launder Clothes, teams had to iron 20 pieces of clothing with a traditional coal burning iron. A laundry lady would be nearby to make sure they did a good job in order to get the clue.

While the siblings were trying to make up their minds on which one to do, mom/son arrived. Both teams went for launder clothes. Shockingly, Team S&M’s driver ended up lost finding the hotel.  The frat boys arrived in third place and picked the clothes. The divorced ladies were right after them and didn’t want to deal with the money so they went for the clothes too. Back at the road block, Sarah had finally finished painting and they were off towards the hotel. Oh wait, I must mention that when Sarah got the clue, Terence told her to open it, she deserved it. For those paying attention at home, in a previous leg, he told her she wasn’t allowed to open the clues since she didn’t do it well. How nice of him to allow her to do it now.

The siblings arrived at the laundry place and found the iron handles really hot. They got gloves out of their bags and started ironing with their laundry lady watching to make sure they did a good job. Team S&M asked their taxi driver to drop them off at another taxi driver who knew where the hotel was located. Team Emo arrived at the hotel and picked laundry money. Team S&M arrived in last place and went with the money one too. Mom/son’s taxi driver didn’t know where the laundry place was located. The frat boys were lost too. The divorced ladies showed up next to the laundry place and were angry that the siblings were there. They will be on the race with you. Get over it. The divorced ladies wanted gloves since they saw the siblings wearing them, but when they found out there were none, they used a piece of clothing wrapped around their hands to hold the irons.

Mom/son showed up at the laundry place next. They were upset that the divorced ladies arrived before them. Mom/son asked Starr where they got the gloves. No one seemed to have any gloves. They know that the race can take them anywhere, right? It might be hot one place and cold somewhere else. Why wouldn’t everyone have gloves with them? I guess I am just used to having gloves stashed in my jacket pockets when I need them and they came with me to Europe in the backpack.  Starr commented that their parents will be proud to see their kids ironing since they never did growing up. Kelly asked Christy if she felt like a wife again ironing. I guess only wives iron and they both quit ironing when they got divorced. That’s when Christy said to please hold her head while she singed it. The frat boys finally arrived. Dan asked for gloves too and was sad when there were none.

While driving to the banquet hall for the money detour, Tina was explaining what they had to do with the money to Ken. He didn’t understand it at all. Team Emo arrived to the money detour first. Team S&M arrived soon after. They were both trying to find change from cab drivers in the area. Dan was saying he never ironed in his life. That was his mom’s department. There wasn’t any ironing at the frat house either. Then he said he was a terrible folder, which he was. The laundry lady was not impressed with his work. The siblings finished first and got the next clue.

Clue: Teams had to navigate the confusing streets of Delhi to find the Baha’i House, the national headquarters for the Baha’i faith.

While the siblings headed off to the pit stop, they had hoped the other detour wasn’t faster. Team Emo was still looking for change at that time. Team Emo got the change and told the guy giving them change that they loved him. The guy asked Sarah for a kiss. She ran away saying “No kiss!”

Pit Stop

The siblings arrived at the pit stop and found Phil alongside a lady with a pot of fire on her head. What’s up with the ladies at the pit stop with weird things on their heads? The siblings came in first place and each won an electric car.

Back at the detours, the divorced ladies were close to finishing. The laundry lady was not approving what Andrew did with a shirt. He said the wrinkle/crease would not come out, but she wasn’t having it. She wouldn’t accept it. Dallas was laughing at the frat guys never ironing before. The divorced ladies finished and headed to the pit stop. Team Emo made their way back to the necklace table with their change and put together their necklace. Team S&M finally got some change and were headed back to the table to make their necklace when divorced ladies were checking in with Phil.  Team Emo finished making their necklace and went into a busy reception to find the groom. Team S&M arrived at the table and Tina wouldn’t let Ken do anything with the necklace. She had it under control! Mom/son finished their laundry task and were headed to the pit stop.  Dan was so frustrated with being the last team at the laundry task that he threw his hat on the ground. That’ll show it!

Team Emo were still searching for the groom when Team S&M were finished with their necklace and were going into the reception. Both teams were in the same room, but they couldn’t see each other since it was so crowded. Dan was saying what he had ironed was not bad, but the laundry lady gave it back to him. Then a wind picked up and started blowing the clothes off the table. Instead of trying to stop them from flying away, Dan just started yelling, “Yeah, wind. Come knock my clothes over!” while throwing his hands up in the air. Kids were laughing at Dan. Team Emo finally found the groom and gave him the necklace. They got the pit stop clue. Team S&M were close behind them with the necklace and got the clue. The frat boys were still ironing.

Toni & Dallas arrived at the pit stop. Dallas informed the fire head lady she had fire on her head and it was insane. Team Emo found a taxi right away, but Team S&M couldn’t find one. The laundry lady told Andrew that one of the collars on a shirt was not good enough. Team S&M were still running around trying to find a taxi. Team Emo checked in with Phil at the pit stop. Team S&M finally found a taxi and could not believe that they might actually be in last place. Frat boys finally finished their ironing and got the clue. Team S&M once again found a cab driver that didn’t know where the place was located. The frat boys were in a cab headed to the pit stop. One of the times that Team S&M were getting out to get directions from someone else, she was yelling at Ken to lift up her bag so she could get into the tiny rickshaw cab. She kept saying it over and over and he finally lost it. He just yelled at her to just get in. Magically, she could get in without having someone lift up her bag first.

Both frat boys and Team S&M were headed to the pit stop at the same time. Which one would be first? Frat boys! That made Team S&M the last team to arrive, but it was a non-elimination round! I knew it was coming since there hadn’t been one yet. In the next leg, they would encounter a speed bump at some point. It will be a task that only they have to perform and they have to do it before joining the other teams in the other tasks. It could push them farther behind the other teams so they will have to struggle even harder to stay in the race. They finally got back to why I named them Team S&M. I still don’t want them to win, but they are entertaining to watch since they are amazingly messed up.

The order the teams arrived at the pit stop:

  1. Nick & Starr (siblings)
  2. Kelly & Christy (divorced ladies)
  3. Toni & Dallas (mom/son)
  4. Terence & Sarah (Team Emo)
  5. Andrew & Dan (frat boys)
  6. Ken & Tin (Team S&M) – non-elimination round

2 Replies to “TAR: Fire Head Lady”

  1. This leg was so ridiculous – people are just horrid – I wanted to slap everyone! I mostly wanted to slap Dan when he just let the clothes blow away – wtf? get an arm on each pile! And Terence, he is such an ass! I was very sad that it wasn’t an elimination round but I am glad they changed how they do that, I did not like it when they took their money away and had the contestants begging from people in poor countries. I thought they showed too much of Ken crying at the end, that was just boring. I think I am going to cheer for Toni & Dallas now because I have not wanted to slap them yet.

  2. With Ken crying, I had the added benefit of Jer laughing over my shoulder while I was watching it and crying along with him. That made it less boring. I am glad they changed how they do non-elimination legs too. I didn’t like the marked for death thing they did before the speed bump, where people had to wait 30 minutes before they checked in at the pit stop. The extra challenge is a good one.

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