Sex and the City

Sex and the City: The Movie
Directed: Michael Patrick King
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Jennifer Hudson

Synopsis: Four years after the series ended, the movie picks up four years later with Carrie engaged to Big, Samantha still in love with Smith, Charlotte finally pregnant and Miranda still living in Brooklyn with Steve.

The series had ups and downs, but I did always buy the direction the various characters went in, even if they were stupid mistakes. It fit their characters and usually ended up well, especially by the end of the series. The movie is soley for fans because they would be the only ones that would put up with the one long downer of a middle of the movie.  It was pretty much a retread of what had happened in the series many times before. I would still get sad when the girls were sad and happy when they were happy, but I wasn’t thrilled by the contrived plot. The main plot I’m discussing would be Carrie’s storyline. The rest of it actually felt more true to life and closer to what happened in the series.

Anyone that had not watched the series would not get the history of the women, would not see the many hilarious moments in the series (even though little clips were shown during the beginning credits), and would find the women shrill and crazy. Then there was the random subplot about Carrie getting an assistant and the reason women move to New York is love. Huh? Who moves to the big crazy rude city for love? I figured the women that already lived there would be looking for it, but no one moved there specifically to fall in love. They did it to live life! I could have done without that entire thing since it just seemed inserted for no good reason.

I am wondering if I would have enjoyed the movie more if I hadn’t just rewatched the entire series right before watching it. I wanted a refresher and remembered how awesome the show was, but I think that it might have made me dislike the movie more. It wasn’t horrible, but it was like one of the lesser episodes. I wanted to just ignore parts of it and wait for the next better, funnier episode to come up next, but there won’t episode since it’s a movie.

Grade: B-


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