Run, Fat Boy, Run

Run, Fat Boy, Run

Directed: David Schwimmer
Starring: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Dylan Moran, Hank Azaria, Ameet Chana

A guy with commitment issues leaves his pregnant fiance on their wedding day, and then tries to win her back for the past five years. He thinks he has figured out a way to do it by running a marathon.

You aren’t sure why at first someone that looks like Thandie Newton would fall for someone that looks like Simon Pegg. She sells it though, even though there isn’t much for her to do with her character, Libby. She isn’t given much to do besides look moony at her current boyfriend and her son, and frustrated with her ex-boyfriend/fiance when he does his usual adolescent thing. Besides making faces, she isn’t much of a character. She is more of something for Dennis to react to and aspire to be with. She does have an awesome bakery shop called Libby’s Nice Buns (or something like that).

The storyline is predictable, yet I found myself laughing enough to enjoy myself. I was actually surprised that Libby didn’t have a girlfriend for her to talk to about what she was going through, but maybe that was overlooked along with most of her character development. It did have wacky ethnic guy who is an Indian landlord to Dennis and turns into his assistant coach for the marathon with a spatula as motivation.

The best typical romantic comedy part was Dennis’ best friend (and Libby’s cousin), Gordon. He’s about as much of a loser as Dennis, but he also has the added benefit of no social graces from when he tries to hit on his cousin on her wedding day to wanting to take a bath in the middle of a party. He was the best part of the movie, and I actually went to find out who he was after watching it. I found tons of funny clips from him since he’s a stand-up comic. You should go check some of them out.

I would call this a romantic comedy for guys since it has Simon Pegg in it.

Rating: B-


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