New Amsterdam


New Amsterdam

Channel: FOX
Time: Monday, 9/8c
Starring: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zuleikha Robinson, Stephen Henderson, Alexi Gilmore

Synopsis: A guy has an immortal curse put on him that will not end until he finds his one true love. He bides his time as a homicide detective.

This show reminds me of Highlander except it isn’t as exciting. I enjoy the glimpses into his background and the various lives he led before. Trying to introduce himself to who he thinks might be his one true love is interesting. When he’s at his current job as a homicide detective, it is boring. The stories are simple and wrapped up easily so that half of the episode can be devoted to those back stories. I wish his job wasn’t given so much presence or he had another job where it can weave in and out of the stories, but not be half the episode. When he is on cases, it usually reminds him of something in his past, but other things can remind him since the cases haven’t been overly exciting.

I would not call this appointment television, but something to have on while you are doing something else.


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