Lost: Baby Stealer


Did I miss that there was a pregnancy scare between Kate and Sawyer? I never rewatch anything so I just go off of memory, but I don’t remember anything about that. I thought I heard wrong the first time when Sawyer said that Kate was mad about the pregnancy thing. Then they mentioned it again after it became clear that they didn’t sleep together after she spent the night in Sawyer’s bed. I thought maybe she was pregnant, but just wasn’t telling Sawyer since he obviously didn’t want one. A little bit before that, Jer and I guessed that she might have taken Claire’s kid off the island as her own. Then towards the end of the episode, I thought again that it might have been Sawyer’s kid since Jack wanted to get together with Kate, but not be part of the kid’s life. At the very end, we learn that it is Claire’s son. Does Jack think the boy is Sawyer’s kid or does he not want to have anything to do with Claire’s kid? What happened to Claire? Did she die on the island or did she not get a chance to make it off and either handed Aaron to Kate who was leaving or Kate stole him? So many questions!

Then there was the cover story that everyone that left the island seems to be following. There seems to only be six of the original survivors that make it off, and that doesn’t include any of the Others and the new Others on the ship. We know that four of them are Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid. Who are the other two? What was up with the story Jack told on the stand about how only eight people survived the crash? Little bit off from 48 people! Did they not want to go over how various people died? Is it all part of Ben’s plan? There seems to be something going on with Ben having some kind of hold over them. We know he has one over Sayid after the episode before last, but does he have one over the other Oceanic Six? Also, we still don’t know who is in the coffin that was at the end of the last season. Is that one of the Oceanic Six? Who is it?

Finally, there are the other Others or the Ship Others. Miles talks to Ben and said he could tell his boss where Ben was located or he could lie and say he was dead if Ben paid him $3.2 million. Why that odd number? Then Ben asked that same question. No good answer for it though. Faraday and Charlotte are on the beach doing some tests. Faraday was having difficulty remember three cards, even though Charlotte said he was getting better. Did something happen to him or is the island doing something to his memory? Jack and Juliet had them call the ship on the emergency number since no one was answering the other one. The ship said that no one ever showed up on the helicopter. Are they lying or are Sayid and Desmond missing? Is it just the weird space/time thing that goes on with the island that makes it almost impossible to find? Could they still show up on the ship but it’ll be much later?

P.S. Hurley playing Xanadu was hilarious.
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