Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia
Channel: ABC
Time: 10/9c
Airs: Wednesday @10pm

Synopsis: One of two similar shows from Sex and the City people. This one comes from producer Darren Star about four career-driven, intelligent women that deal with their marriages, kids, work and everything else in their lives by discussing it together.

This isn’t the most horrible show in the world, and it has some potential, but it has some outdated ideas and story lines that I have already seen years ago on other shows, including Sex and the City. I would think if it was someone else, they could possibly get away from stealing ideas from that show, but Darren Star was the producer so it is pretty tacky to have a story line about a supposed straight girl thinking she might be lesbian and just giving it a shot. It was so much funnier with Samantha in Sex and the City. Also, that show didn’t have the cringe-inducing “Natural Woman” playing when the lady kisses the other woman for the first time. Ick for bad, cheesy music choices!

The other story lines that I have seen before are cheating husbands who can’t “deal” with their wives being successful, strong women, a fiance who leaves his woman when she gets a job over him and can’t “deal” with that, and a woman who is jealous of the stay-at-home mom while she tries to juggle work, kids and a husband. While I’m sure these are all things that successful businesswomen deal with, could the way the stories are presented be any more original? I kept thinking of Brothers & Sisters, which has stories that have been covered before, yet the writing is so much better that is still interesting to watch, compared to eye-rolling.

What gives the show hope is the actresses. I actually liked all of them, except I could lose the blonde one. She’s pretty forgettable. It is the writing that sucks and well, that isn’t going to keep me interested in it.

Finally, I have one last annoyance. In the second episode (since I watched two episodes to give it a fair shot), everyone talked about meeting at “business school”, talked about “remember when we were in business school”, and discussed what they learned at “business school” that it became distracting. You could almost make a drinking game out of it because they said it so often. Why couldn’t they just name the school or just leave out “business school” altogether. For these women in their 30s and 40s, they wouldn’t still be talking about “business school” after all those years. I know I don’t and I went too!

If you want something to watch because nothing new is on, this is harmless enough, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to watch it.

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