Charlie Wilson’s War

Charlie Wilson’s War
Directed: Mike Nichols
Starring: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman

So my family decided to go see this movie when we were all in Florida. This was me, my sister, my dad, my aunt and my grandmother. My brother in law, Terry Blueberry, wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed at the condo to “rest” (watch football and be away from his crazy in-laws!)

I liked this movie a lot, I thought the acting was very good and you could understand what was going on in the story, even though there was some political stuff. I loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman – “Gus Avacados!”, he is just incredible how he can totally be someone else and make them so real.

Some of the press I’ve read about this movie mentioned how the actions portrayed in this movie lead to the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, and I feel like the end of the movie touches on that a bit, but not preachy, just more in a “what if” type of way.

My favorite part of this movie is the 2 greyhounds that follow Julia Roberts around at her fancy party in her fancy house – they are so fabulous! I want them!

My family also liked this movie, my grandmother made some crazy claims about not having seen Tom Hanks in any other movies, but then we listed about 10 of his movies and she had to admit that she had seen them – she likes to claim that she doesn’t see any movies, but she does, so don’t fall for that!

Also, when we were leaving the theater, my dad tried to drive away as I was getting in the car and everyone yelled at him, luckily I hadn’t put my foot in the car yet or I really could have been hurt – added a bit of drama to the whole thing.

Snacks for this movie – popcorn and cherry coke that I shared with my sister.

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