The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


The Fantastic Four must battle the Silver Surfer before Earth dies.

I have no idea why there was a need to make a sequel after the horrible first movie, but here we are with the silver surfer guy. What I complained about in the first movie is what I’ll complain about in this movie. Everyone is way too serious and I think the movie franchise would improve if they were campy. The human torch is the only one playing with the cheese of the entire thing, but everyone is completely serious cat the entire movie. I also complained about the lack of chemistry between Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba, and it is still not there. I rolled my eyes at their scenes. The Thing and his girlfriend had more chemistry. Once again there was a naked scene with Jessica Alba, but can you really expect these kind of improvements in this movie series? I guess not.


Now onto the silver surfer. He is doing the bidding of a bigger, badder guy and I could not help but laugh at why he decides to quit destroying Earth. It is because Jessica Alba’s character reminds him of his wife back home. Mr. bald silver guy’s wife isn’t also silver, but a blonde? Interesting. Since they only talked for two seconds, I know there can’t be anything else to remind him of his wife besides the way she looks. The entire movie was like an episode of the Brady Bunch where there are some “issues” that get neatly and tidily resolved before the movie ends, but not in any believable way. And we all learned important life lessons such as don’t be mad at your spouse for continuously screwing up your wedding or don’t blow up other planets.

Rating: D+

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