Night Watch

Night Watch



Others are beings with supernatural powers and there has been a truce between the light and dark side until now.

I read the book just before watching the movie. It is the first book in a trilogy. The book follows Anton as a worker in Night Watch, which is actually the good guys watching all the dark ones to make sure they obey the rules. The Day Watch makes sure that the light ones obey the rules too. They have to keep a balance between the two of them or the world will go all crazy. A dark magician has put a hex on a woman, and Anton is sent in to help remove it. He ends up falling in love with her since he’s an inexperienced agent after beingĀ  recently promoted to the field from being an analyst. He feels more comfortable crunching numbers and makes tons of mistakes while fumbling through things.


Only the first part of the book seems to be in the movie. I have heard that the second section of the book (there are three parts) is in the movie Day Watch, which came out last year. There is a second book called Day Watch, so I have no idea what that will be about if this movie really only covers the first part. There were things in it that I have no idea where they came from, so I wasn’t sure if they were from later books or if they were just added into the movie since movie adaptations do that.

The book was originally written in Russian, which led to some odd translation and strange words being used that broke up the flow. I enjoyed the setup of the story, but I did get lost at times due to the translation. It made it a hard read.

Rating: B-

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