Lost – Angry Sloth Strikes!

The Cost of Living
November 1, 2006

The black smoke monster (or giant angry sloth like I used to think the island monster was) killed Eko. I liked Eko. I’m sad to see him go. I used to be frightened that each time they ventured into the middle of the island, they would run into the monster, but with all the other stuff going on with the Others, I had forgotten about our friend giant angry sloth. He turned into Eko’s dead brother. He must be the thing that looked like Jack’s father in the first season and Hurley’s friend Dave from last season. It was cool to see it look like an elephant while it flung him around.

I like that Juliet wants to kill Ben and thought the tv trick was cool. I still wouldn’t completely trust her. I don’t think Jack does completely.

Are we ever going to see Sun and Jin again? We know she shot the lady from Deadwood, but what happened to them after that? They have shown Sayid. Have I just missed them completely?

I don’t like the two new people. I don’t mind them actually showing other people from the original 48 that survived, but these two people were just annoying and seemed out of place.

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