Superman Returns


Superman Returns

Superman has been away for five years. Lois is with a new guy and has a five-year-old son. Lex Luthor just got out of prison and he is pissed.

I was disappointed by this movie. It was very slow and not everyone gelled together. I love Smallville in all of its cheesiness, and this movie could have used some of that. It took itself so seriously for so much of the movie, that I really only enjoyed it when it lightened up a bit.


I like the scenes with Lex Luthor. Kevin Spacey did a great job with the character. Parker Posey was a little over the top, but she didn’t annoy too much.

Lois Lane was horrible. Kate Bosworth is so extremely bland. Where was Lois’s spunk? Where was her fire? Where was her personality? Why would one guy, let alone two, fight over her, I have no idea. And what is up with poor Cyclops from X-Men getting screwed over and not getting the girl again. He really sucks with the women. Back to boring Lois though. There was no chemistry between her and Superman. I don’t know if it was her fault or his, but since she annoyed me when he wasn’t on the screen, I’ll blame her.

I liked when Brandon Routh was Clark and was acting goofy. He did a decent job of going from goofy to serious when he was Superman, but I would have liked to see more goofy.

I didn’t mind the kid being around, even though kid stories do not thrill me normally. Why it was such a surprise that he would be Clark’s kid, I have no idea. Everyone knew it the moment they saw him. That was a stupid plot point.

Overall, the movie took too long to get to any action. Then when it was happening, it wasn’t overly exciting. This did not seem like the same director that made the first two awesome X-Men movies. I don’t know what happened, but I have no desire to watch this movie again, except for the very beginning with the evil dogs.

Grade: C+

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