Lost: Silly Sawyer

Every Man for Himself
October 25, 2006

Did Sawyer really think that Kate loved him? Why did that Other guy care if she did? Seemed like a stupid question to ask. I did like how they tricked him into believing that he had a pacemaker and how Kate got out of the cage so easily before jumping right back in.

I liked when Jack told Juliet that he could care less about making her feel better. heehee! Jack isn’t mr. nice guy to everyone and as much as the Others say they aren’t bad, they are holding people there against their will. Seems pretty rude!

Where was Locke this episode?

So it does seem that Desmond can foresee the future and it isn’t just a dream thing unless he dreamed about lightening hitting Claire’s shelter.

I enjoyed Sawyer’s back story and how he conned that guy into telling him where the money was so he could get out of jail. Good ole Sawyer. 🙂

This episode was pretty good since I enjoy the Kate/Sawyer interactions and Jack/Juliet interactions, but I really enjoyed the loopiness of last week’s episode. I hope more are like that.


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