Lost: Mr. Death Eye

The Glass Ballerina
October 11, 2006

I loved the first five minutes of the season premiere, but then the rest of the episode wasn’t overly exciting for me. The part where Jack ran right into the clear pane of glass container he was in was hilarious to me, but Jack flashbacks aren’t that interesting to me. I think we are done with Jack’s story. It is the same information over and over again. His dad is more exciting. I like Jack on the island, but not in his former life.

This episode dealt with a Sun flashback with a little bit of Jin thrown in for good measure. I like Sun and Jin. We learned that Sun would rather lie and get a maid fired rather than admit that she broke something to her father, old Mr. Death Eye. Jer started calling him this since he had that one eye bigger than the other and he was super scary.

I am very impressed with Daniel Dae Kim since he makes me dislike and feel sorry for Jin all at the same time. When he was telling Sun she shouldn’t ever disagree with him, I found him rude since he thinks his wife shouldn’t have any of her own opinions. Then I felt sorry for him when Sun and Sayid were conspiring to bring the Others to the boat, but not including Jin on the idea. I also felt bad when he had to go kill the guy having an affair with his wife, even though he didn’t know it. When he didn’t go through with it, and the guy fell from the window onto his car, I wasn’t sure if it was Mr. Death Eye that finished him off or if it was Sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her since she keeps so many things from Jin and others, and she did shoot the Other lady who can’t catch a break on Lost or Deadwood. 😉

Sawyer and Kate were cute together. I loved it when the Other guy offered that Kate could remove her dress if she didn’t want to work in it and Sawyer liked that idea until he saw Kate’s face. I loved that he then looked indignant. I also liked how he kept getting in trouble for looking at her work in that dress. I had figured that half the reason he decided to kiss her was to get them in trouble enough to make them quit working since she looked so tired. When he started telling her what he though of all the others and who he could or couldn’t take on, I was wondering why they thought no one was listening. Then I remembered that they probably never saw the other hatches with all the video surveillance. It was just Locke and Eko, right? Did anyone else see that? Did Jack see it? I can’t remember. I have only watched every episode once so I’m going from memory here.

I also loved the part where Ben was trying to convince Jack that he knew what was going on off the island and telling him the Red Sox won. The way Jack laughed and laughed, and the look on Ben’s face, was hilarious. I really liked that little bit of lightening up on Jack’s part until he found out the truth.


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