People all over the world are slowly discovering they suddenly have extraordinary abilities, such as invincibility, flying, predicting the future, and reading people’s thoughts.


Premieres: Monday, September 25, 2006 on NBC at 9/8c

Cast: Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, James Kyson, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto

Creator: Tim Kring

When I first heard about Heroes, I wanted to see it since I love the superpower shows. Then I heard critics talk about how it was taking itself too seriously, and then I was wary of it before it aired. I’m glad I watched it anyway. I thought it was a lot better than I expected.

There are quite a few people, but I was able to keep them all straight. Not all of them have been introduced yet, so that makes it a little bit easier. Their backstories are explored as they figure out they have a superpower and try to make sense of it. They aren’t all in the same place either, but there are a few in New York City. I was left with a lot of questions, but they were good questions, like I have when I watch Lost. It makes me want to watch more to find the answers instead of just saying “What the hell does that mean?” Let’s hope they do get answered or I will end up saying that.

Here’s a recap of the characters that were introduced in the first episode:


Hiro is a Japanese office worker who realizes he can stop time and teleport. Of course, he’s my favorite! He’s the goofiest guy and he has the coolest ability. He was the only source of laughter in the episode and at the end of it, he teleported himself from a subway in Japan to Times Square.


She’s a cheerleader in Texas who is indestructible. It starts with her having a guy film her jump off a bridge and pop all her bones back into place after falling. Her wounds heal instantly. Later on, she sticks her hand in the garbage disposal to retrieve a ring she dropped and her mangled fingers go back to normal after a minute of them looking very gross. I don’t know what her deal is. She’s majorly pissed off to have this power. She says it changes everything for her and she has too much to deal with already. Uh, how can that be bad? No clue! I hope to find out or I’ll hate her.


He’s a painter who paints images of future events, but only when he’s doped up on heroin. Nice! He has paintings of a train bombing that happened a week later. He had another painting of a fire that Claire walked through in Texas. He is majorly freaked out about what is happening since he doesn’t remember painting any of the pictures. He’s also dating Simone who has a dying father who is being taken care of by his nurse, Peter.

Peter & Nathan

Peter keeps having very vivid dreams that he can fly. His dreams always end with his brother in them, so he knows they must be connected to him in some way. He tries to tell his brother, Nathan, who is running for some political office. Of course, this freaks Nathan out when his brother tells him that he thinks he can fly, since he doesn’t want a crazy family member messing up his chance of getting elected. When Peter is called to Isaac’s apartment to help him through an overdose (Simone called him there), he sees a painting of him flying and knows that he must be able to do it. At the end of the episode, he is at the top of a building and calls his brother into the alley below on the cell phone to prove he can do it. He starts to fall, and continues to fall, until his brother flies up to save him. They are both shocked that Nathan is the one that can fly.


She’s a single mother with a super smart kid that she paid tons of money to get into a private school. She used loan sharks to make sure he got in, but now is having problems paying back the loan sharks and paying the school’s tuition so the school kicked her son out. She has also had the sensation of someone following her. What the rest of us see is when she looks at her reflection in a mirror and leaves a room, it takes a few seconds before her reflection follows her. The loan sharks are after her. They come visit her at home and start to rough her up. They find her video camera that she was using to sell videos of herself online for some money. They start filming her before punching her some more. She blacks out. When she wakes up, she doesn’t have a mark on her, but the two goons are dead and mutilated in her room. She looks in the mirror and her reflection, all bloodied, shushes her while she stands there with no blood on her. She takes the video camera and runs off. What is her ability exactly? Does she have a doppelganger doing her evil deeds for her through mirrors? No clue!


His dad was a researcher who believed that people could mutate to have super powers. He gets news that his father is dead, and goes to his father’s apartment to get his research so he can continue it. While there, he realizes someone else is in the apartment, grabs some important stuff and leaves before the other person sees him. He goes to New York City from India since he found evidence that his father moved there for further research. He rents his old apartment there, but finds that it has been thrashed. He starts driving a cab, which is what his father did when he moved to New York and meets Peter. He doesn’t have any super powers that I could tell. One of the people that gets into his cab was the same guy that was in his father’s apartment in India, but Mohinder doesn’t know that until the guy starts talking about his father. Mohinder stops the cab and runs off. We see the creepy guy go home to Texas since he’s Claire’s dad.


He isn’t in the first episode, but in the next one. He has the ability to hear people’s thoughts.

It looks like everyone is tied together somehow, and they will all probably end up in the same place eventually, but I guess we’ll find out what happens. I know I want to see more of it to see how it all turns out. I also want to teleport.


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