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Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

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I laughed when I read about the show, but then Matt Roush from TV Guide actually recommended it. I usually agree with is tv show choices, so I meant to set TiVo up for it. Then I forgot. After watching a bit on Best Week Ever about it, I knew I had to watch it, but then I forgot for another week. When I finally set TiVo up to record it, I told it to grab every rerun so hopefully I could catch episodes that I had missed. I did!

I missed the first one, but we watched the second episode. In the first episode recap, we learned that one of the superheroes was a spy (his name was Rotiart, traitor spelled backwards) and one guy got kicked out almost immediately after Mr. Traitor revealed his true intentions (to make as much money as possible after winning the competition with action figures of himself). Stan Lee did not view this as the true characteristics of a superhero, so off he went!

The parts that were played on Best Week Ever from the first episode was where they all had to be in a public area and change where they could not be seen, and get to a certain point as fast as possible. What they didn’t know was there was a “lost girl” that they needed to help on the way. Every one except Victory Man (super flamboyant guy in the red tights) ran by the girl. He actually helped her, but was hilarious in his way of doing it. It has to be seen to be believed. Another guy got cut because he changed in the middle of the public area and didn’t even try to hide. Stan Lee did not approve. I don’t remember these people’s names since I didn’t watch that episode so they aren’t important.

Onto the second episode! They had to help a lady who was locked out of her house. They had to climb over her back fence and get to her back door. The obstacle was two crazy biting/barking dogs. They were given the big fat suits to protect them from dog bites. They just had to touch the back door after jumping over the fence. They didn’t even have to jump over the fence since there was a ladder on the other side for them to use to get over. Only three people actually made it to the door. The other ones were overpowered by the dogs. If they cried “uncle”, the dogs quit biting. One girl was dragged all over the yard. It was pretty funny. The best parts were the people that actually got to the door. One was Victory guy who stood by the door and said, “How’s my hair?” Another was Monkey Woman who took over 10 minutes to get to the door, but finally made it. Others either made it to the door or gave up under 1 minute. She lasted 10 minutes. She was exhausted, but stood up and said “oooh oooh aahhh ahh” like a monkey. The girl who ended up being kicked out was Cell Phone Girl (no idea what her superpower was supposed to be) because she gave up after four seconds saying she had a headache. Stan Lee said, “If you are supposed to save the world, will you not bother because you have a headache?” 😉

After that, everyone got their outfits made over by Stan Lee. Up until that point, they were all wearing outfits they designed and put together themselves. Everyone loved theirs except Ty’Veculus, who I referred to as Tuberculosis since I couldn’t remember his name. It did look like he had a rooster head for a hat. Stan Lee said it didn’t look exactly how he planned it, but what did he think. The guy said he loved it, even though he hated it. He was almost kicked out for lying. Stan Lee didn’t care that he didn’t like it, but he didn’t like him lying about it.

He was saved for the time being and the Iron Enforcer was kicked out because he was stupid.  He has the big gun for a hand. He was more interested in killing people than saving them. He admitted to using steroids and when confronted about it, his response was “I look better than everyone else here.” Good logic! Stan Lee said, no one else liked him, he smelled (many complaints about his body odor since he refused to wear deodorant and he wore no shirt), steroid use, and he wanted to kill people. He left, but then after everyone thought he was gone, Stan Lee took him aside and said he would like to make him a super villain to help him pick who would be the ultimate superhero. Now he is the Dark Enforcer and he is completely covered up so no one knows it is him.

A third episode has played, but we haven’t watched it yet. I highly recommend watching any reruns you can find and when new episodes air. The people on it are cheesy, but in a most hilarious way. The “special effects” they employ for when they were getting their costume makeovers are over the top in a comic book way. The whole thing is highly entertaining, much more so than I thought.


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