Elektra from Daredevil is back and doing more martial arts stuff.

This movie is very predictable, silly and induces much eye rolling. It explains Elektra coming back from the dead since she was killed in Daredevil. The explanation is very silly. Her character has now become obsessive-compulsive in order to hide her identity. She is a clean freak and is always making sure none of her DNA gets on anything, but I’m not sure how that is possible since she doesn’t wear gloves all the time. It doesn’t do a very good job of suspending any disbelief.

She goes out on random assassination jobs, but then gets one that everyone sees is coming and you know she suddenly will decide to grow a conscience and not want to finish the job. That sends bad guys after her with super powers. Elektra seems to have some super powers now too. I ended up laughing at all the martial arts and super power stuff going on. The fight scenes weren’t really exciting to watch. I kept feeling like I’d rather watch Jennifer Garner in Alias since there is a better storyline involved with better fight scenes.

One of her super powers was the ability to concentrate and know what was about to happen. She didn’t seem to use this for most of her fight scenes though since one fight scene involved a bunch of flying white sheets and that confused her greatly. She just couldn’t find the guy with all the sheets. It didn’t look super cool, like something you would see in Hero or House of Flying Daggers. It just ended up looking dumb.

Rating: D

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