Leonardo DiCaprio stars as billionaire aviator that turned into complete recluse Howard Hughes.

I didn’t know much about Howard Hughes so this movie didn’t seem all that interesting to me, but it was up for Best Picture so I thought I should see it.

I was very impressed. I knew it was going to be a long movie, but I was ready for it to keep going when it ended. It made sense where it did end, but I thought he was a fascinating person and it was a good story. I didn’t know he did so much innovation with airplanes and what we now know as commercial airplanes and jets. I also didn’t know he dated so many famous actresses.

Leondardo DiCaprio did a great job with all his weirdness. Howard Hughes’ mom made him paranoid of germs and other things. He had a lot of tics that got worse with age. He could control them sometimes while other times he couldn’t. He was very, very weird. It would have been interesting to see him when he did turn into a complete recluse, but I think the movie ended right before that happened.

Cate Blanchett was great as Katherine Hepburn. I don’t know how Kate Beckinsale did as Ava Gardner since I don’t know if I ever saw her talk outside of a movie. Jude Law had a bit part as Errol Flynn. That was pretty funny. I loved the Senate hearing towards the end of the movie. It was good stuff.

It was a good, entertaining movie that actually made me want to know more about the man.

Rating: A

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