March of the Penguins


Documentary following emporer penguins in Antarctica as they get together to mate and raise their offspring.

A couple of FRANCH guys filmed the penguins while they came up out of the water at the end of their summer to make the march to the breeding ground, find a mate, and then try to successfully raise a new baby penguin in freezing Antarctica.


Since it is a documentary, there is some sadness when some eggs, penguins and babies don’t make it. The documentary doesn’t dwell on it so it isn’t too bad. Also, you do have the extreme overwhelming cuteness of the baby penguins. They make the entire movie.

At one point, they are talking about male and female penguins and I can’t tell which is which. When they are talking about them, they are telling a story about there being more female than male penguins so the females fight over the males. I was guessing all the fighting penguins were females, but when they weren’t fighting, I still have no idea who was male and who was female. The penguins fighting were hilarious since they just beat each other with their flippers. Too funny!

Rating: A

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