Upside of Anger

A bitter recent divorcee befriends her ex-husband’s friend and tries to deal with her four almost grown daughters.

This movie made me want to drink. It was not driving me to drink due to it being awful. Joan Allen and Kevin Costner’s characters are high-functioning alcoholics and were always drinking something. I just wanted to join them in their daily routines while drinking, but alas I was not at a beer theater and no alcoholic beverage was to be had.

Joan Allen was great. You could feel sorry for her one moment and then want to hit her like some of her daughters did the next. Then you could really sympathize with what she was going through but also wanted her to get over herself. Kevin Costner is very cute and his character is the most patient man to deal with her character while she is going over her husband leaving her and raising four daughters.

Speaking of her daughters, they are all great in the little bit you were able to see them, but I had wished more time was spent with them. Actually, the entire movie would be a great premise for a television drama. There was one subplot involving the Felicity girl getting too stressed out over everything, but she seemed to get better by laughing. That was not believable. Beyond that moment though, everything else was believable and had a nice pace to it.

It was a nice, sweet movie with a not-so-happy ending, but still a good one.

Grade: B+


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