Sin City

Based on the comic books by Frank Miller. It is three stories that take place in Sin City with some of the characters being interrelated, but all of it is very violoent yet pretty looking.

I loved this movie! It was a lot of fun. I thought it was going to be super violent and I guess it was, but it wasn’t graphic since the entire movie is in black and white. Then there are bits of color thown in here and there for super cool effect. Blood and other gross stuff doesn’t seem so bad when it is in black and white instead of actual color.

Mickey Rourke was really good and you couldn’t tell it was him at all. I also liked Benicio del Toro. To explain the parts that were really cool would give away parts of the story, but when he’s in the car with Clive Owen it is too funny. Elijah Wood is just very, very freaky.

Nick Stahl is the lead in Carnivale, but plays a bad guy in this movie. At one point, he doesn’t look like himself, but hearing his voice come out of him was very odd. I have also never seen him play a character that was so angry so that was a change in his acting. It was all very good but I’m used to him in Carnivale so it was just jarring. :)

Bruce Willis was just typical Bruce Willis. I noticed that everyone tried to look like their character in the comic book with fake noses (Mickey Rourke and Benicio del Toro) or something else. Bruce Willis looked nothing like his character. They showed the characters next to the actor names in the credits. I guess he didn’t want to mess up his face too bad. What a dork.

The movie is also pretty cool in how it is filmed. They used the comic book as the storyboard so there are scenes that look like they came out of a comic book. It’s a pretty neat effect.

Finally, Frank Miller must have some sort of penis issues. As Chuck said when he saw it with us “Ow! Three major groin injuries in the first 15 minutes of this movie!” There was another one at the end too. Ow!

Grade: A

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