The weekend before a guy gets married, he goes out on a wine-tasting adventure with his best friend who has been depressed for two years. Directed by the Alexander Payne who made Election and About Schmidt.

This was a nice, sweet movie, but I didn’t think it was Best Picture material at all. I do think that Paul Giamatti deserved a Best Actor nomination, but he was snubbed. He’s awesome in this movie and I’ve come to find that he’s awesome in whatever movie he is in.


There are some definite funny parts in this movie that made me laugh out loud. They had nothing to do with the plot. They were just weird bits that are thrown in there and are very funny. It is a good character movie, but I never had the feeling of “Wow. This movie is great.” while watching it, so that’s why I don’t think it was Best Picture material.

Rating: B+


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