Tom Cruise plays a hitman that has to kill five key witnesses in a federal case in one night and he is holding Jamie Foxx hostage as his taxi cab driver for the mission.

I have stated before that I do not like Michael Mann movies, yet I always end up seeing them. His movies are so slow in parts and really drag out when they don’t need to be. He directed this movie too, so I was skeptical but I still wanted to see it.

This movie was much better than his other movies. First, I didn’t fall asleep during part of it. I almost did during an exciting club scene, but that’s only because I woke up at 5am that day. I made myself stay awake though since I knew something important was going to happen. It was really suspenseful and moved along very quickly. Jer guessed what was going to happen towards the end, but he’s good at guessing. Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were really good too.
Rating: A


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