The Bourne Supremacy

He wanted to be left alone, but the CIA wouldn’t have it that way so now Matt Damon is going after them.

Holy crap! This movie was awesome. It was a lot tenser and suspenseful than the first one. It was insane.

People complained about the shaky camera, but I could follow what was going on. I also think my feet were off the floor whenever there was a car chase or anyone was chasing him since stuff just came out of nowhere. You couldn’t see stuff coming and then WHAM! there it was hitting him or he was hitting something and wow. If there was a camera on me watching the movie, I would look like such a dork because my feet kept coming up off the floor and my hands kept jumping to my face. I also think I kept weaving.

It also had a good plot but who cares about that! It was super crazy stuff. I kept laughing and giggling whenever he smacked someone or made them jump or just caught someone off guard. It was awesome. Good summer movie. I recommend it highly in the theater.

Also, some people have been sick from the movement of the cameras, but I wasn’t. I also don’t get sick from spinning around in a circle forever, which I think is related to my messed up hearing and inner ear stuff. So that works to my benefit for movies like this!

Rating: A

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