21 Grams

21 Grams


Did you know at the moment of death, the body loses 21 grams? Some say it is the soul leaving. As for the movie, an accident throws a sick mathematician (Sean Penn), a grieving mother (Naomi Watts) and a born-again ex-con (Benicio Del Toro) together.

This movie was quite odd. It was shown out of order with little clips here and there so the beginning was quite confusing while you were trying to figure out what was going on and who these people were. You were also trying to figure out when the scenes took place, in the present, past, future, who knows! It was interesting to watch the movie in that way, but it also made it difficult to get to know the characters much. With so much jumping around, you just watched it. Now I can’t remember the very end because I might have saw it earlier in the movie or just forgot it. oops!


The acting was really good but it was just too choppy for me. It wasn’t like how Pulp Fiction had three big parts of the movie and they weren’t shown in order. This movie had every scene taking place in a different place in time and the scenes weren’t very long. I was able to figure out what was happening but just as you got into a scene, time to jump somewhere else! It became frustrating.

Rating: C+

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