Good Bye Lenin!

Good Bye Lenin!

A son's mother has been in a coma for years in East Germany. She missed the Berlin Wall coming down along with all the other changes. Now that she's awake, she can't be excited so he tries to hide the fact that everything's different.

I saw this movie with Jen. We were the only ones in the theater besides this other random guy that decided to sit in the same row as us even though there were six other rows. It was a very tiny theater for the artsy fartsy foreign movie.

Anyway, I lied in my description up there. His mom wasn't in a coma for years but just 8 months. Berlin changed tons in a short time after the wall came down. I thought it was interesting to see what it used to be like and then how they changed it. I really didn't know too much about socialist government and a lot of it confused me since all I know is capitalism.

It was a funny movie though, especially when he was recreating news casts so his mom could watch tv and not suspect anything was different. It was also very sweet. I really enjoyed it. I don't know if anyone else will ever watch this movie, but I do recommend it. It was a nice little movie and educational too!

Rating: B

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